December in Hong Kong

Events, festivals and weather in December

Christmas in Hong Kong
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The last month of Hong Kong's traditional high season, December means blue skies, no humidity, and cool but not cold weather. The lack of humidity makes this one of the best months to visit Hong Kong, especially as it's more comfortable to explore the outdoors. If you have the choice, October and November are warmer and more enjoyable. Otherwise, pack a sweatshirt and December will still be a grand month to visit Hong Kong.


The good weather makes this a fantastic time to see the New Territories. While it will probably too cool for sunbathing on the beach, there are some fantastic hikes across Hong Kong's hills and valleys. A visit to Hong Kong Wetland Park is also recommended. But you don't need to be plotting grand walks to enjoy the sunshine; it's also a fantastic time to explore the city's bustling streets, from the markets to the skyscrapers of Central.

What about Christmas in Hong Kong?

December is, of course, the season to be merry, and Hong Kong's history as a British colony means the city celebrates the festive season. Christmas trees, tinsel and all the other trappings of a winter wonderland are all on the show. Most of the skyscrapers on the harbor will have Christmas lights draped across them and the malls will be stuffed with presents - find out more in our Hong Kong Christmas guide.

While New Year isn't celebrated quite as energetically as Chinese New Year in Jan or Feb, there will still be plenty of options for those who want to spend the night in a pub or club.

Weather in December Average High (20C) Average Low (15C)

Not only is the humidity well and truly forgotten, but this is the least rain Hong Kong sees in any month. As long as you aren't expecting to hit the beach and sip cocktails under the palm trees (in which case look at September or October),  December is a fantastic month to visit.

It's the ideal temperature to be outside.

What to Wear in December

It's sweatshirt and trouser weather by December, although you might enjoy a day or two when you can get away with just a T-Shirt. You should pack a light jacket. It's unlikely you'll need to use it often but nights, particularly towards the end of the month, can be cooler. If traveling to the countryside, bring mosquito repellant and walking shoes, as well as plenty of bottled water.If you're unlucky you may get a cold snap.

Hong Kong Events in December

All of December Hong Kong Winterfest is the city's celebration of Christmas. Each year is different and usually bigger than last. Expect a huge Christmas tree in the center of town at Statue Square, carolers, and a santas grotto. Shopping malls also get in on the act with Christmas decorations and promotions leading up to the big day. It's worth mentioning that while Christmas is a public holiday, there is no shutdown of shops or services for the festive season. In fact, it's more treated as a chance to get out and meet friends rather than sit at home watching TV. 

31st December While it can't eclipse the much bigger and longer celebrations Hong Kong enjoys for Chinese New Year, the city does celebrate New Year.

Hong Kong's Times Square has historically been the center of celebrations in Hong Kong or you can enjoy the fireworks that are lit up over of the harbor as the clock strikes midnight.