A Day Trip from Las Vegas to Death Valley National Park

A Day Trip from Las Vegas

••• Death Valley National Park.

If you leave the Las Vegas strip and head to Death Valley National Park you'll be in for quite a change in scenery but you'll also experience an attraction that very few Las Vegas visitors ever see.

Death Valley National Park

It might be very easy for you to imagine a space so desolate and barren that tumble weeds seems like the majority population and sand storms and dust clouds are the main event of the daily routine.

You could think that Death Valley is such a place but you would be wrong. Oh, it is a rugged place with soaring temperatures in the summer but there are times during the year when the beauty of the desert shines bright under comfortable blue skies and among a desert landscape that is worthy of National Park status. That spot is close enough to Las Vegas that Death Valley should be on the radar of any visitor who is looking to see what National Parks in the Southwest United States look like. Yes, the Grand Canyon gets all the fanfare but Death Valley has its own endearing qualities. The Mojave desert is vast and possesses plenty of opportunities for recreation and exploration at a fraction of the cost that the Grand Canyon does.

Description of Death Valley National Park: Death Valley is located in California, 135 miles (216 kilometers) from Las Vegas and a mere 40-minute plane ride away. This scenic wonder has the lowest elevation on the North American continent at 280 feet (84.93 meters) below sea level.

Points of interest include Zabriskie Point, 20 Mule Team Canyon and Scotty's Castle.

As you tour Death Valley be sure to visit Badwater, which is the lowest point below sea level in the U.S. At 282 feet (86 meters) below sea level it also is often the hottest place in the country. Temperatures in the summer can easily surpass 120° F (49° C).

Other sites to see are the Devils golf course, Ubehebe Crater, Artists drive and Scotty’s castle. If you love the scenery and the vast openness of the desert, you will love Death Valley National Park.

Yes, it is a short drive away but you should think twice before you consider it in the summer months. It simply is not as beautiful from the front seat of a rental car.

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Location of Death Valley National Park: 135 miles (216 km.) from Las Vegas in Death Valley, CA 92328. While a drive through Pahrump is more direct the route via Baker, CA offers you the opportunity to head south and reach Los Angeles as part of a getaway from Las Vegas.

CAUTION: This drive during the months of June, July  and August can be difficult because of the high temperatures. Check local weather conditions before planning a trip in the summer months.

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Phone: 760-786-2331

Hours: Visitor center 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

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Activities at Death Valley National Park:

Hiking, sightseeing, driving tours.
On your way you can stop at the Pahrump Winery and have a taste of Nevada wine. It’s usually open from 10 am to 4:30 pm. From Las Vegas you should go through the town of Pahrump as you travel on SR 160.

One more thing to see as you travel to Death Valley is the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction. The murals on the walls of this small theatre are impressive and shows are held every Saturday night.

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