Washington DC Taxis and Mobile App-based Transportation

Everything You Need To Know About Taxicabs in Washington DC

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While there are many ways to get around Washington DC, taxis are a convenient way to get from place to place in the capital region. Surprisingly, they can be an affordable option when you have a group of people traveling together and one of the best ways to travel when you have luggage. Mobile-apps also make arranging transportation easy. Taxis and app transit companies will pick you up from anywhere in the city and deliver you directly to your destination. Here you will learn about how taxis and other car services work in Washington DC. 

Hailing a Taxi in Washington DC

The best places to find a taxi are along the busier streets, in front of hotels and major attractions, around the perimeter of the National Mall, and outside of Union Station. Hailing a taxi is as simple as stepping off the curb and holding out your arm. You can also call to arrange for one in advance. Using a mobile phone, you can also plan ahead (see mobile app details below). 

Washington DC Taxi Passenger Limits

  • A maximum of four passengers can ride in a four-passenger taxicab or five passengers in a five-passenger taxicab.
  • A passenger who is unable to enter or ride in the passenger part of the taxicab is allowed to occupy the front seat alongside the driver.

Key Things to Know About Washington DC Taxis

  • No taxicab operator shall refuse to transport an individual based upon race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibility, political affiliation, disability, or source of income, and place of residence or business.
  • Always take the receipt from the driver. The taxicab name and number are located on the side of the taxicab vehicle as well as on the Passenger Rights document displayed on the back of the front passenger seat, which also shows the vehicle tag number. The operator’s name, his/her ID card number and vehicle tag number appear on the receipt. If you lose property in a cab or wish to make a complaint or give a compliment, the DC Taxicab Commission can track down the driver/taxicab from this information.
  • DC taxis must accept credit cards and other forms of non-cash payments.
  • There is a mobile app available at www.dctaxi.com (see more alternatives below)

Washington DC Taxi Fares

  • Minimum taxi fare is $3.25.
  • The mileage charge is $0.27 per 1/8 mile.
  • Each additional passenger is $1.00.
  • A luggage charge may be charged $.50 per item placed in the trunk.
  • Surcharge for each trip originating at the Reagan National Airport taxi stand is $2.50.
  • Phone dispatch fee is $2.00.
  • Dismissal without use (after cab has arrived) is $1.50.
  • There is a $25 per hour surcharge for waiting.
  • Add $15 during a snow emergency.

Washington DC Taxi Complaints

If you ever have any problems with a Washington DC Taxi, you may file a complaint in writing to:
DC Taxicab Commission
2041 Martin Luther King Junior Ave. SE, Suite 204, Washington, DC 20020-7024
Phone: (202) 645-6018
Email: dctc@dc.gov
Website: dctaxi.dc.gov

Taxi Companies in Washington DC

There are more than 150 taxicab companies registered with the DC Taxicab Commission. These are the largest and most prominent ones.

  • Diamond Cab - 1100 Q Street NW Washington DC (202) 387-2221
  • Maine Cab Co of DC - 1936 NW 11th St Washington, DC (202) 234-7775
  • MATS Taxi Cab, Car & Sedan Service - (202) 488-4030
  • Taxi Transportation Service - 3341 NE Benning Rd. Washington, DC (202) 398-0500
  • Washingtonian Cab Co. - 2417 NE Evarts St. Washington, DC (202) 526-5655
  • Washington Flyer Taxi - (703) 572-TAXI (8294)
  • Yellow Cab Company of DC - 1636 Bladensburg Road NE Washington DC(202) 546-7900

Mobile App-based Alternatives to Taxis

Uber -  Drivers use their own cars and pricing is similar to that of a taxi. Payment is handled exclusively through Uber and not with the driver personally.

Lyft – The app-based transportation can be super affordable by giving you the opportunity to share a ride. Rides must be arranged in advance.

Pedicabs - Pedal Powered Taxis

The newest mode of transportation around the city is the Pedicab, a bicycle rickshaw. This makes a nice open-air sightseeing transportation option in good weather.

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