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David A. Kelly is a freelance writer, author, and technology marketing consultant who's spent years traveling for business and pleasure. These days, his home base is near Boston.

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David has taken many, many business flights and has eaten too many peanuts. He also remembers flying in the smoking section of a People's Express jet back from London in the bad old days. In between, he's been a VP of marketing for a software company, a business and technology marketing consulting, author, speaker, software developer, and travel writer. He spends his nights counting his frequent flier miles.


David holds an MBA in Marketing from Bentley University, an MA in Cognitive and Neural Networks from Boston University, and an BA from Syracuse University. He is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), the nation's leading professional organization for travel writers. He's written loads of business, travel, and technology articles for everyone from the New York Times to Disney's Family Fun magazine and website.

David Kelly

Business travel is usually about business. But it's hard to stay human if all you think about is business when you're traveling. Whether it's a 20-hour business trip to Asia or a 1-hour drive to Manhattan, join us as we find the best travel tips and information that can help make your business trip not only successful, but enjoyable.

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