Dave Ramsey - Nashville's Financial Guru

Nashville's Famous Financial Hero

© Jan Duke
© Jan Duke

Sure Nashville Tennessee has plenty of celebrities, but not all are in the music industry.

Let me introduce you to our most famous local financial guru Dave Ramsey

Our family as many others, have been listening to Dave on the local Nashville Radio Station, 99.7 WTN for well over a decade.

Our financial journey began, when a sibling stumbled into the Money Game, while turning to WTN a bit early to listen to Sports Night.

Within weeks the entire family was hooked. Listening to The Money Game's consistently entertaining radio show day after day has become a family addiction.

Dave Ramsey has the financial insight to help you with any debt situation, and best of all, his advice is completely free to anyone willing to listen and follow his simple solutions.

Dave's Radio Show is filled with many things that we can all relate to. Each weekday we can listen to the tragic stories of those in over their heads with financial debt, and listen to Dave's sound advice, as he helps to guide them to Financial Peace. We are also enlightened as others call up Dave, to let him hear them, as they grind their credit cards up in the blender, and best of all, we able to listen to those who have applied his techniques, and can scream to the world I'M FINANCIALLY FREE!

Dave was born in East Tennessee and raised in Nashville. He received a B.S. in finance and real estate from the University of Tennessee, and then went on to found Ramsey Investments, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm, which specialized in foreclosure and bankruptcy real estate.

Dave had accumulated more than $4 million by flipping rental property in the 1980's, when the new owners of the bank called his bank notes, he instantly lost his entire portfolio and virtually everything he owned by age 30.

After a few humbling years Dave formed the Lampo Group in 1988, to help people discover financial peace through personal finance counseling, broadcasting, publishing, and seminars.

Around the same time, Dave got his radio beginnings, when he offered to work a month for free. That month turned into The Money Game which has been offering more than a decade of great financial advice for the local Nashville listeners.

The Money Game was originally co-hosted by Dave Ramsey and Roy Matlock. The pair's philosophy ran parallel to each other with one exception. Roy Matlock always said; invest, invest, and invest your money whether or not the bills were paid, where as Dave Ramsey has always said to pay off your bills and then if you have money left to invest, do so.

Getting your house paid for as soon as possible has always been at the top of Dave's to do list. Over the years this differing philosophy created many friendly on-air debate's between the two.

Roy has long since moved on, starting Roy Matlock and Associates, a local financial advising company. Roy has since joined Primerica Financial Services, who's parent company is Citigroup.

Dave Ramsey has held true to his original fundamental concepts and the Money Game has grown into a nationally syndicated radio show, The Dave Ramsey Radio Show or watch him on television on Fox Business Radio Show

Thanks to the Dave Ramsey Team, you can read Dave Ramsey's weekly column, "Dave Says", here every week at Nashville.about.com.
You can also keep up to date with Dave by reading one of Dave's many books- Financial Peace, The Financial Peace Planner, and most recently, More Than Enough.

You can go to one of Dave's many seminars Financial Peace University, held across the Nation. Dave even has a wonderful Kid's Program, that is now being taught in homes and schools called Financial Peace for the Next Generation

And if you can't get enough of Dave, you can join Dave's Fan Club. Dave's Club is a subscription-based web site providing exclusive, premium content for fans of The Dave Ramsey Show. Dave's Club is updated daily with exclusive articles, content items, streaming audio clips and other financial advice.

Our family turned The Money Game into our own Real Life Reality Show, so much so that we have attended several of his seminars and one sibling who attended a seminar in the early 1990's on incorporation's, now runs his own successful business and the entire family (all homeowners) are all debt and mortgage free.

Many others have been helped by Dave's simple message: Live within your Means, All Debt is bad, and Save money.

Dave has said many times on air that when he has seminars in his resident town, Nashville, that his local seminars are never big sell outs.

My message to Dave is; Dave, Nashville is there for you, we remember the Tea Party II, we sneak out to a late lunch to listen to you in our cars, we put the kids down for a nap in plenty of time to watch you every afternoon, we go to your annual Yard sale, we know about your Wall of Shame, we patronize and trust your ELP's and of course we know your oldest running advertiser, Nashville Diamond Bankers, and Dave in case you didn't know, we are proud that you Dave Ramsey, one of the top ten radio talk show host in the country, are a Nashvillian.

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