Date Night in Las Vegas

Do You Have A Plan For Your Date Night In Las Vegas?

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So you get to Las Vegas and you want to make it special. I get it. It happens all the time but soon you run out of time because you spent far too long at the black jack table after lunch and decided to walk back to the room after your long celebratory cocktail hour. You need a plan or else you’ll end up having far too much fun and not enough of those special moments that are so very possible in Las Vegas. Believe me, they are just as much fun.

Use The Entire Day for Your Date Night in Las Vegas

First, you need to get back to room by at least 4 pm. Yeah, man and woman, get back to your room in the early afternoon to “get ready”(read into it whatever you may want), you are in Las Vegas, romance is romance so understand that you are creating an atmosphere and an energy that will last the afternoon, the evening, the entire vacation. Guys be flirtatious, but not overt, girls be playful but restrained.

Do you know why the nice hotels have the huge flat screens and the fancy remote controls? So that guys can relax and watch SportCenter while they wait for their significant others to get ready. Instead of complaining about how long it takes, make sure to have a bottle of champagne on hand, fill the ice bucket and chill. That’s right, pull out that soft robe that is in the closet and do an afternoon of sparkling wine and mindless highlights on the TV.

You are working on the perfect date night in Las Vegas and you will be rewarded later in the evening.

Start with Drinks
So you guys are ready, head over to the Mandarin Oriental and have a drink at the Mandarin Bar. The view of the strip from the 23rd floor is incredible. Have a real conversation. Listen. Flirt. Laugh. You want this date night to go well, right?

After some fun interaction it’s time for dinner, go downstairs and if the weather is nice walk across the street to the MGM Grand to experience one of the best meals you will ever have at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

You can have good meals in Las Vegas but often the very best meals are encumbered by a stuffy feeling or a level of pretension that can ruin the moment. I don’t need to be able to do complicated math with the five forks and 2 butter knives and my personal steward. I just want good food in a classy place that defines culinary greatness while allowing me to retain that quality that is the guy that would rather have a beer and chips along with some good conversation.

L’Atelier is that spot. The mood is casual, it’s fun but do not allow yourself to believe that it is not culinary utopia. If you love food, if you are a voyeur, if you want to interact, this is the restaurant that will have you doing it. Everyone behind the counter is paying attention to every detail. Each and every person has some built in passion for food that you will taste. You’ll feel it when you bite in to the first course and you’ll feel it in the way the food is presented and you’ll understand it when you have a conversation with any person who is working to make your meal and evening special.

So after that incredible meal, how do you go on?
You’re at the crossroads. Do you go on and extend the evening, or does the tension of the evening have you race back to your room? In Las Vegas the evening extends well into the next morning and the truth is you have to experience a little of the nightlife. This is why you should have made it back to the room early in the afternoon.

Decide on a show or a drink and then a club.

See A Las Vegas Show

If you go with a show, consider,  “O”at the Bellagio or “LOVE” at the Mirage. Now, you could decide on a show like Zumanity or even Absinthe but be aware that those shows delve into a bit more advanced material. If this is a first date I don't recommend that.

If you decide on a drink and a club I would consider a drink in the lounge at LAVO at the Palazzo. You can have a drink on the outdoor deck overlooking the Las Vegas strip or inside where the party crowd begins to assemble waiting for the nightclub, upstairs to open. Ladies, have your lipstick on hand because you will have to reapply, the night, the romance and the sense of this being a special evening should be pretty high by now.

After a drink at LAVO walk across the street to the Wynn and Encore and try either Tryst or XS. Both clubs have enough space and separation that you can both have the Las Vegas nightlife experience and the opportunity to share some quiet time, you know, talking, flirting, motivating and enticing.

The date night in Las Vegas is about enjoying each other and allowing Las Vegas to help the process. The truth is, after an evening like this you might find it difficult to replicate the magic elsewhere. That is exactly what a vacation is all about.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a date in Las Vegas.


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