Danielle Berman

Danielle Berman

The ultimate collection of 'burbs: North Jersey.

Maybe you're a local and stumbled upon this page in hopes of finding something new to try. Maybe you've planned a trip to the Big Apple and need ideas for a day trip. Maybe you've booked an extended stay in North Jersey to *gasp* actually visit North Jersey, or maybe you just moved in. Here, you'll find neighborhood guides, 'Best of' lists, great photos, event listings, historical features, and much more. The Armpit of America we are not, so let's explore!


A North Jersey native, Danielle is a Web Producer who has worked for numerous publications in New York City including New York Magazine, Advertising Age, Condé Nast Traveler, and currently, Travel + Leisure. Folks have questioned her adamant decision to continue to plant roots in Jersey and brave the 60+ minute morning commutes to work. Her mission for this North Jersey About.com Guide? To prove that those long bus rides really are worth it for the sake of coming home to a plethora of exciting things to see, do, and eat. New York, Schmew York.

Danielle has written online articles for Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure which can be found in the references section below. Immersed in the travel world on a daily basis, Danielle has honed an eye for both selecting the standout hits and finding off the beaten path gems.


Danielle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Studies (with a minor in Visual Arts) from Fordham University at Lincoln Center in NYC.

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