The Czech Republic Just Opened the Longest Suspension Bridge in the World

Calling all daredevils: Can you make it across?

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Courtesy of Dolni Morava Mountain Resort

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Sky Bridge 721 - Dolní Morava

Velká Morava 46, 561 69 Dolní Morava, Czechia
Phone +420 602 378 150

At 2,365 feet long and more than 300 feet high, there's a new challenge for thrill-seekers worldwide.

The Czech Republic is now home to the longest suspension footbridge globally with the opening of Sky Bridge 721. Officially opened on May 13, the bridge took two years to construct and is appropriately named after the 721-meter length of the structure. (To put this into perspective, the bridge is only 357 feet shorter than the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which sits at 2,722 feet.)

The bridge is only about three hours from Prague, making for a fun day trip from its capital city. It swings above a valley in the mountains, and the entrance to the bridge can be accessed by chairlift, on foot, or by bike. The Dolni Morava Mountain Resort estimates that it takes at least two hours from when you park to get to the end of the bridge.

Side view of Sky Bridge 721

Courtesy of Dolni Morava Mountain Resort

Sky Bridge 721 is supported by only six main supporting ropes and 60 wind ropes, setting the stage for a rocky experience "It will take some courage to cross the bridge," the resort says on its website, "but we guarantee a unique experience that you will never forget."

The resort describes the bridge as not just a structure but a tool to convey the 'idea of time,' stating that, "Crossing the bridge over the majestic valley of the Mlýnský Stream gives all visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the local countryside and history through an educational trail called 'The Bridge of Time.'" This trail combines educational panels and an interactive, augmented reality game meant to take visitors through the area's history from 1938 to 2021, narrated by a 16-year-old boy. To play, all you'll need is a smartphone, the GEOFUN app, and internet access.

You can purchase tickets to experience the bridge yourself through the Dolni Morava Mountain Resort's website.

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The Czech Republic Just Opened the Longest Suspension Bridge in the World