Customs Regulations and Rules for Travelers to Norway

Interior of Oslo Gardermoen International Airport


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Customs regulations in Norway are controlled by the Tollvesenet (Norway Customs Department). To make sure your arrival in Norway goes smoothly, take a look at the current customs regulations in Norway.

Typical travel items like clothes, cameras, and similar personal goods can be taken through customs in Norway duty-free, without having to be declared, as long as the total value does not exceed NOK 6,000.

Bringing Money?

Norway customs allows travelers to bring currency up to a value of NOK 25,000 before it has to be declared. Traveler’s Checks are excluded from this rule but gift cards are included.

What Are the Customs Rules for Medicines?

Make sure to leave your prescription drugs in their original packaging, and bring any prescription documentation you can obtain from your doctor, if possible in English. With some prescriptions or over-the-counter medications, it's helpful to have the name of the drug, rather than the brand name with you, in case you need to make a purchase while traveling.

What If My Luggage Gets Lost?

There’s a special rule for this, on top of the inconvenience. If your airline happens to lose your luggage and one of your suitcases arrives separately, you’re required to select the red customs lane and declare the contents of your entire luggage to the customs official.

Can I Bring Tobacco to Norway?

Yes, tobacco is allowed within limits. Travelers 18 or older can bring tobacco into Norway in quantities reasonable for personal use only (200 cigarettes or 250g tobacco per person).

Can I Take Alcoholic Beverages to Norway?

When it comes to alcohol, customs regulations are a little stricter. You will have to be 18 or older to import beverages with less than 22 percent alcohol, and 20 years or older to bring beverages with more than 22 percent alcohol. The quantities allowed depend on the alcohol level as well —the higher the alcohol content, the lower your limit:

You are permitted a maximum of 1 liter with 22-60 percent alcohol plus 1½ liters with 2.5-22 percent alcohol content (or 3 liters with 2.5-22 percent alcohol).

Restricted by Norwegian Customs Regulations

Find out about marijuana laws in Norway. Illegal drugs, prescription medicines that are not intended for personal use or in very large quantities, alcoholic beverages over 60 percent alcohol, weapons and ammunition, fireworks, birds and exotic animals, as well as plants for cultivation, are all prohibited. Also prohibited in Norway is the import of potatoes. The import of 10 kilograms of other vegetables, meats or fruits from within the European Economic Area (EEA) is allowed.

Bringing Your Pet to Norway

If you want to bring your pet to Norway, there are several customs requirements for pets. There are some dog breeds that are considered dangerous which are not permitted in Norway.

You’ll have to visit your vet before you travel in order to obtain:

  • A veterinary certificate or EU pet passport evidencing required treatments below
  • A microchip or tattoo
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Deworming of tapeworm (1-10 days before traveling and again within 7 days of arrival)
  • An antibody blood test