What Shows Are On In Las Vegas?

What Type Of Show Are You Looking For In Las Vegas?

Can you go to Las Vegas and not see a show? Nope, you are in the entertainment capital of the world so make sure to schedule some time for Las Vegas entertainment.

You want to be entertained and you are going to the strip so there is no denying you'll want to see a Las Vegas show. With so many options in Las Vegas you'll be confused so research before you hit the Las Vegas strip. I'll suggest at least one afternoon show because they are inexpensive and they either keep you out of the sun or off the tables just long enough to recover from the previous evening's indiscretions.

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The Must See Las Vegas Shows

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This is a list of some the best shows that are on in Las Vegas as seen through my eyes. It is very subjective but I do get to see plenty of shows. I could probably add another 10 to this list but instead, use this page to find a show that is on in Las Vegas and then send me an email with your list of the best.

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Cirque Du Soleil Shows in Las Vegas

Stuart Seeger / Wikimedia Commons

These are some of the best shows in Las Vegas but they also tend to be some of the more expensive shows. On a relative scale it is hard to say that they are worth it but after you see one Cirque Du Soleil show you'll want to see all of them. They are good and you have to try to fit in at least one on your Las Vegas vacation. There are currently 7 Cirque shows on in Las Vegas so you have plenty to choose from.

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Adult Shows in Las Vegas

Melody Sweets at Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Photo by Tom Donoghue

Las Vegas is still a place where adults can go and engage in behavior that would otherwise be avoided back home. Let's face it we all need a little respite from our daily lives so the adult shows in Las Vegas help out with that by providing some entertainment that is strictly for mature eyes. Personally, I can watch most of the adult shows that are on in Las Vegas but you should at least do a little research just so that you are not shocked by the content.

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Shows For Kids In Las Vegas

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While Las Vegas may not be the ideal family destination, it does have plenty to offer the family on a vacation that does not include getting sand everywhere or having nightmares about a giant mouse chasing you. That might just be me. The options are endless for kids in Las Vegas and the chance to entertain your children with quality shows is also present.

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Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

Production comedy shows are more than your casual trip to the comedy club. These shows keep you laughing for more than a ten-minute routine. However, there are plenty of stand up show options on the Las Vegas strip. There are enough comedy shows in Las Vegas to employ all the stand-up comics in the country so you get your pick from afternoon shows to late night laughs.

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Magic Shows in Las Vegas

Courtesy of Harrah's Entertainment

If you are fan of magicians and highly produced magic shows Las Vegas is your Mecca. Up and down the strip there are plenty of talented sleight of hand artists. I you are ready to be dazzled, baffled and entertained they are all performing on the Las Vegas strip. Penn and Teller are very good and Mac King will entertain the kids.

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Free Shows in Las Vegas

Photo By Zeke Quezada

In Las Vegas money can disappear quite quickly, you double down with the dealer showing a 6 and soon you find they draw into a 21 and you doubled your loss. These shows cost you nothing and they are totally worth it! Free shows in Las Vegas are in abundance so take a day to be entertained for no money. Fountains, circus, light shows all for nothing.

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