Curaçao's Top Attractions and Restaurants for Couples

Put these romantic Curaçao attractions on your itinerary.

Curaçao holds many romantic attractions even though the country defies standard ideas about the Caribbean. There is an island pace but residents are still cosmopolitan; there is spectacular diving but no expansive stretch of continuous beach. Romantics will find unique attractions that exceed the Americanized Caribbean. Whether you like active pursuits, cultural ones, or a combination, the following attractions will add fun and romance to any visit to Curaçao, the “C” of the ABC Islands and little sister to more-famous Aruba.

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No. 1 - Curaçao Top Attractions

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A Visit to the Beaches Curaçao is where isolated beaches are among the major attractions, particularly in the north and west. It’s possible to go to one of the secluded coves with a partner and not have to share your beach experience with anyone else… unless that’s what you’re into. Curaçao’s beaches vary in size and location; some can be walked to from hotels while others can only be reached by boat. It’s up to you to determine how secretive you want it.

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No. 2 - Curaçao Top Attractions

© Iguana Cafe

Dinner and Drinks Along the Punda Waterfront Historic Willemstad’s most well-known buildings are along the harbor area called Punda, drawing a mix of tourists and locals in one of the busiest attractions of the city. Stop for cocktails or a meal along the water at the Iguana Café (recognizable from across the harbor by its bright yellow umbrellas). The views are some of the best in the city, and the staff happily speaks English, Dutch, Spanish, and of course the native Papiamentu. Prices are listed in both dollars and guilders, which is helpful; but if you pay with one, be prepared for the possibility of receiving change in the other. 

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No. 3 - Curaçao Top Attractions

© Fort Nassau Restaurant

Dinner at Fort Nassau Built to protect Willemstad, this hilltop fort is now home to one of the most panoramic views in Curaçao. The entire bay and most of the city are visible, along with hilly terrain in the distance. Plentiful inside seating is available, but opt to dine at one of the tables along the fort’s edge; the breezes and views can’t be beat. Specials include a medley of Caribbean Sea fish: red snapper on pumpkin puree, mahi mahi filet on ripe olive risotto, and tuna tetaki on seaweed. There's also grilled shrimp, steaks and (of course) cocktails made with Blue Curaçao.

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No. 4 - Curaçao Top Attractions

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Dive operators can take couples or groups out on boats to experience caves, shipwrecks, and more. A day’s dive comes with fresh fruit, the occasional beer, and perhaps a curious spinner dolphin sighting for the lucky.

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No. 5 - Curaçao Top Attractions

© Dennis Sarlo.

Originally built in the 1820s, the Rif Fort sat mostly abandoned in recent years until the Renaissance Curaçao Resort gave it… well, a renaissance. The UNESCO-protected fort now includes a spa, high-end shops, and several restaurants that feature outdoor drinks and dining. Tour guides will happily tell you how it attracted young lovers during its abandoned days; today they might be a bit older, but the romantic crowd still considers the fort one of Curaçao's top attractions.

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No. 6 - Curaçao Top Attractions

© Bistro Le Clochard

Dinner at Bistro Le Clochard Reputedly Curaçao’s most expensive restaurant, Bistro Le Clochard also has one of the most remarkable views, along the water overlooking the Punda side of Willemstad. Book an outdoor table at sunset to get the most out of this attraction. Cuisine is a mix of Swiss and French. The staff expertly present filet mignons, creative fondues, and hot & cold appetizers.

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No. 7 - Curaçao Top Attractions

© Kura Hulanda

Kura Hulanda Village Square Kura Hulanda (“Dutch courtyard”) is an interesting take on urban redevelopment. It was reborn by a Dutchman who recognized the potential in revitalizing a traditional Euro-Caribbean village. Today, Kura Hulanda houses the high-end 82-room Kura Hulanda Village & Spa, several restaurants, and an historic square replete with 19th-century gaslamps. Stop in for dinner or just lounge together in this attraction's open spaces.

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No. 8 - Curaçao Top Attractions

© Mikvé Israel-Emanuel

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly going to set hearts aflame, but Mikvé Israel-Emanuel is the #1 tourist attraction in Curaçao. So no list about the island is complete without it. The oldest functioning synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, Mikvé Israel-Emanuel still serves the descendants of Jewish families who fled persecution for the warmer climes of the Caribbean. And there is some romance to the story: The floor is made of white sand, dedicated to the dictum that like millions of grains of sand, the faithful must go forth and multiply. Lovers, take note: Even religious institutions are telling you to go for it.

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