9 Great Cruise Ship or Ocean Liner Movies

Most people who love to cruise can't go all the time, so they might entertain themselves at home watching movies or reading books about "cruising". These nine movies that are linked to cruises or ocean liners. Some don't actually show much of the cruise ship and most were not even filmed on a ship, but they all will make you think of cruising. Even Titanic will make you dream of the sea.

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    Although the 1957 movie An Affair to Remember is linked primarily to the Empire State Building in New York, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet and fall in love on an ocean liner. Many movie buffs prefer the 1939 version with Charles Boyer, and some like the 1994 story with Annette Bening and Warren Beatty, but that modern version involved an airplane rather than a ship. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr make these two characters come to life, and the movie made many people fall in love with the idea of an ocean cruise.

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    The sub-plot of Titanic may be a little predictable, and you already know the ending, but the special effects make you feel like you are really on the ship. It's a great cruise movie and not really terrifying since you know who lives and dies from the start of the movie. You will be humming Celine Deion's theme song for days after watching this one.

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    The Poseidon Adventure was the first of the great disaster movies of the 1970s. Some say it set the standard for Titanic in the 1990s. The movie stars Gene Hackman, Roddy McDowell, Ernest Borgnine, and Shelley Winters. Great upside-down sets and mindless entertainment. Whoever would have thought that Shelley Winters was such a good swimmer? Remember the theme song? It was "The Morning After".

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    If you are a Robert Stack or Dorothy Malone fan, you will like The Last Voyage, made in 1960. It is the story of a sinking cruise liner (not the Titanic). This movie is another one baby boomers will remember from their childhood, and although it's about a sinking ship, it still makes you long to travel on one. It was gripping and very intense. The producers sank a "real" ship to add realism to the movie.

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    A Night to Remember from 1958 is another movie about the last night of the Titanic. This one shows up occasionally on late night television. It really makes cruising sound terrifying. Its realism is impressive, especially given that it was filmed over 50 years ago. Some people like it better than James Cameron's 1996 version.

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    Like most movies, the sequel to The Poseidon Adventure did not live up to its predecessor. However, if you like Michael Caine, you will be interested in his movie. Beyond the Poseidon Adventure starts the day after the ship is discovered floating upside down, so it is important to see the original movie first.

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    Ship of Fools has a superb classic cast including Lee Marvin, Vivian Leigh, Oskar Werner, and Simone Signoret. These misfits find themselves on an ocean liner in pre-World War II. Great character study and a good movie. Where else would you find such a diverse group of people other than on a ship? The original story comes from a 1962 novel of the same name by Katherine Porter.

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    Out to Sea is one of the Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau treasures in their "grumpier old men" series. The comedic talents of these two geniuses make any movie they are in a joy to watch. The writers' take on gentlemen hosts on cruise ships may not be completely accurate, but it sure is fun!

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    Unfortunately, Sandra Bullock should have stayed on the bus rather than making this sequel to "Speed". The plot of Speed 2: Cruise Control is terrible, but it does feature a cruise ship and a madman hijacker. Good shots of the ship and a spectacular ending.