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French Small Ship Cruise Line Has English-Language Sailings

The MS Michelangelo sails the Po River and Venetian lagoon for CroisiEurope
Photo Courtesy of CroisiEurope

CroisiEurope Lifestyle:

CroisiEurope is a family owned travel business that has been operating river cruises since 1976. Over the years, CroisiEurope has kept its headquarters in Strasbourg, France, but has expanded its business to include cruises on most of the major rivers in Europe. CroisiEurope also features Mekong River cruises, barge cruises on French canals, and coastal cruises in the Adriatic and eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Although the company is French and most of its travelers are European, the company is now marketing its ships to English speakers from USA and North America, providing another great cruise vacation option for those who enjoy an international mix of cruise companions.

Lifestyle on the CroisiEurope vessels is much like that on other river cruise ships--relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable. Guests on the small ships (most with 100-200 passengers) have the opportunity to explore both large cities and small towns on scenic rivers and can often embrace the local culture more than from a large ocean cruise ship. Starting in 2014, CrosiEurope fares include drinks from the bar and during meals, wine, mineral water, beer, fruit juice, and coffee. (Drinks are not included on December holiday cruises.)

One major difference from other river cruises is the French ambiance on board, especially in the cuisine and menus. The cruise vessels also have a nice selection of four different types of theme cruises--

  • Musical cruises feature private concerts both onboard the ships and ashore in music halls. The musical programs include performers and guest speakers.
  • Family cruises on the ships based in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Croatia include free cruising for those under 16 on river cruises and 30 percent off for those under 16 on the Croatia sea cruises. The onboard activities are somewhat modified to focus on family fun.
  • Hiking cruises are ideal for those who love cruising but also enjoy hiking with a professional guide. Sounds like a great way to see the countryside and get those steps in! Might also be a way to avoid gaining weight from the French food.
  • Golf cruises are available from March to November on the MS Belle de Cadiz, between Spain and Portugal. The 8-day cruises allow guests to play four 4 different gold courses. Those on the ship who do not play golf can partake in a series of shore excursions to learn more about Spanish and Portuguese culture.

CroisiEurope Cruise Ships:

CroisiEurope has over 30 small ships in its fleet that are sailing the great rivers of Europe. CroisiEurope also has one ship on the Mekong River in Southeast Asia and small coastal ships sailing the Adriatic and eastern Mediterranean Seas. The company's newest venture is barge cruises on French canals. The barges (22 to 24 guests) sail the Alsace, Burgundy, Provence, and Champagne regions of France.

CroisiEurope ships sail over 100 different itineraries, and the onboard staff speak English, French, and a variety of other European languages.

CroisiEurope Passenger Profile:

Most of CroisiEurope's guests are French, but non-French travelers represent about 45 percent of passengers. The guests come from a wide variety of countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. The ships carry about 200,000 passengers per year.

CroisiEurope Contact Information:

Contact your travel agent or use the following information to learn more about CroisiEurope.
Phone: 1-800-768-7232
Web Site:

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