Where to Get Craft Beer to Go in Toronto

10 Places to buy craft beer in Toronto that isn’t the Beer Store

Beer from Left Field Brewery. Image courtesy Left Field Brewery via Instagram

The next time you’re craving a beer in Toronto you don’t have to buy your go-to IPA or pilsner from The Beer Store or one of the Toronto grocery stores now carrying beer and wine. Toronto’s influx of craft breweries, most of which have bottle shops, means many more options for buying beer in the city. Here are 10 places to get craft beer to go in Toronto.

Indie Alehouse

This popular spot in the Junction is a great place to come for a casual meal with friends over a few pints of craft beer, but you can also take a lot of what you find on the beer menu home with you. Pick up a variety of beer in two litre growlers and 500ml bottles, as well as branded beer glasses, T-shirts, toques and beer-inspired art created by local artists.

The Burdock

This triple threat venue is a brewery, music hall and restaurant in Bloordale, which also happens to have a bottle shop located around the corner from the main building. The bottle shop is conveniently open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day so you can pretty much always be guaranteed of getting your beer fix. They also have fresh baked bread (made in-house) available daily. Check the website or Twitter to keep up to date on what’s available to take home.

Left Field Brewery

Head to Left Field Brewery’s tap room for a pint, or to the bottle shop to take home some of their best brews in cans, bottles and larger 750ml swing-top growlers. Just keep in mind that the swing tops need to be kept cold and should be consumed within five days. Check the website or their Facebook page for a list of what beers you can buy at the bottle shop. 

Bandit Brewery

The always-busy Bandit Brewery in the city's west end is a great place to hang out with friends for some beer and food, but you can also stop by the small bottle shop to pick up some of their much-loved brews to take home. The bottle shop is open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

Halo Brewery

This small craft brewery in Toronto's Junction Triangle neighbourhood has a cozy tap room and bottle shop that's well worth a visit for beer fans. You can pick up bottles of their creative beers, or order up a flight of beer to try before you buy. The also do food pop-ups from time to time in partnership with various local food vendors. Check their Facebook events page to keep up to date on what's going on.

Duggan’s Brewery

Duggan’s Brewery in Parkdale offers several beers to go via their bottle shop. Head over for a pint and something to eat, or stop by for some craft beer to take home. Currently you can grab 473ml cans of their No. 9 IPA, 100 Mile Ale and 100 Mile Lager, as well as six packs of the No. 5 Sorachi and 32 and 64oz growlers of various varieties depending on what’s available. Hats, T-shirts and glassware are also on offer.

Bellwoods Brewery

This always-packed brewpub on Ossington Ave. has an equally popular bottle shop next door should you want to take home some of their much-loved beers. The bottle shop is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and you can check the website for an updated list of what’s in stock. You can also pick up branded merchandise such as toques, T-shirts, hoodies and beer totes. They recently opened a second location at 20 Hafis Rd., southeast of Lawrence and Keele.

Rainhard Brewing Co.

Rainhard Brewing Co. set up shop in Toronto’s Stockyards area and are generating a lot of positive feedback fro their selection of beers.  You can stop by the bottle shop to stock up on whatever they have available, or stop by for a longer visit and have a pint in the tap room. 


Both locations of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Brewery and Amsterdam BrewHouse – make it easy to stock up on your favourite beers. Shop for 473ml cans, 355ml bottles, seasonal brews, growlers and kegs depending on what you need.

Granite Brewery

Granite Brewery is where to go if you’re in the market for hand-crafted, all natural ales made in small batches. Growlers and kegs of various sizes are available, as well as bottles (check the website to find out about bottles), branded merchandise, glassware, coasters and gift boxes featuring pint glasses, a growler and coasters.