The Covered Bridges of Connecticut

A covered bridge is a bridge with enclosed sides and a roof, often accommodating only a single lane of traffic. Most covered bridges are wooden; some newer ones are concrete or metal with glass sides. Mainly associated with the 19th century, covered bridges often serve as prominent local landmarks and have long attracted the attention of historic preservationists.
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Connecticut for covered bridges? Vermont and New Hampshire each have dozens of covered bridges, so Connecticut isn't likely to be the first state that comes to mind if you're searching for these unique structures in the New England landscape.

There are a handful of covered bridges to be discovered in Connecticut, though, and there is even a covered bridge, albeit a modern one, in Hartford County.

Covered Bridges in Connecticut

Head to Litchfield County in the northwestern part of the state, though, for the densest concentration of covered bridges and a peek at the state's most photogenic specimen: the West Cornwall Covered Bridge. This historic, red-painted bridge was designed by Ithiel Town and built in 1841. It's been in continuous service since 1864--you can still drive across the bridge, which spans the Housatonic River for a distance of 242-feet.

To reach the West Cornwall Covered Bridge, follow Route 7 to the intersection with Route 128 in West Cornwall. Turn onto Route 128 East, and you'll drive right across the covered bridge.

Just a bit farther south of West Cornwall on Route 7, you'll find two additional covered bridges. The first is right on Route 7 in Kent Falls State Park. The Kent Falls Covered Bridge is just a narrow, 37-foot footpath, but it's still a romantic spot to visit and photograph, particularly in the fall. The bridge was built in 1974.

Continuing south on Route 7, watch to the right for Bulls Bridge Road, which is, of course, where you will find Bulls Bridge. This covered bridge spanning the Housatonic River continues to carry traffic leaving Connecticut for nearby New York State. It was built in 1842 and still has the charming, rustic look of days gone by.

Are you wondering about Hartford County's only covered bridge? It's in a park in the town of Avon, Connecticut, and it's called Huckleberry Hill Bridge. Unlike Litchfield County's historic expanses, though, this 35-foot bridge was built in 1968. To find it, follow Route 4 West (exit 39 off I-84) to a right on Huckleberry Hill Road in Avon, where you'll find the bridge in Countryside Park.

There's one more historic covered bridge to find in Connecticut if you're up for a drive to Middlesex County. Follow Route 2 East to exit 16 for Route 149 toward Moodus. Make a right onto Route 16, and you'll find the Comstock Covered Bridge near the East Hampton-Colchester town line. Built in 1873, this 80-foot bridge is an example of the Howe Truss, a design patented in 1840 that combines vertical iron rods and diagonal timbers. You can walk across the bridge, which spans the Salmon River, on foot.

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