A Couple's Guide to Niagara Falls

Couple Watching the Falls, Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls has long been known as a romantic destination for lovers looking to bask in the glory and beauty of the natural wonder. Many movies about lovers have been shot at the Falls over the years, including Niagara starring Marilyn Monroe, solidifying its reputation as a romantic destination. While the area has morphed into a more family-friendly tourist attraction there are still romantic enclaves to be had. Below you'll find the most romantic destinations that still make Niagara one of the most romantic places on earth.

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Go for a Winery Tour

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There's nothing more romantic than a relaxing evening with a glass of wine which is probably why Niagara Falls has earned the reputation as such a romantic getaway, having dozens of wineries within such a short distance to the Falls. In all there are 22 wineries, all within a 20-minute drive which make for an ideal romantic weekend. It's best to leave the driving to someone else so you can indulge in the spirits the region has to offer. Luckily, there are a number of winery tours that will take you on a unique trip throughout the region, including Niagara Vintage Wine Tours. They also offer culinary and beer tours if wine isn't your thing, but let's be honest, who doesn't love a glass of wine.

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Take a Stroll Through the Gardens

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The beautifully manicured gardens at Queen Victoria Park are the ideal setting for a romantic stroll around the area, offering a straight-on view of the American Falls. The park is also in the dead center of town which makes it a great place to stroll either before of after enjoying a romantic meal.

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Take a Helicopter Tour

Niagara Falls Helicopters
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If you really want to wow your significant other then a helicopter tour is the perfect way to do so. Taking your partner on a ride through the clouds above one of the most beautiful places on earth is the perfect way to say "I love you." The 30-minute tour takes couples for a ride directly over the Falls and the Niagara Gorge, giving unobstructed views for miles. You're able to charter a helicopter for two, with a guide of course, so you don't have to share your romantic date with any other tourists.

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Relax at the Spa

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There are a number of local spas that cater to couples, complete with massage packages and other treatments, but there are a handful that stand out from the bunch. Christienne Fallsview Spa has an extensive menu of services for couples, including massages, facials and pedicures. What makes them one of the best in the area isn't only their services but their unobstructed views of both the Canadian and American Falls. While they're the only spa in town that offers beautiful views, places like Serenity Spa by the Falls and Sweet Escape offer extensive packages for couples looking for some relaxation.

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Enjoy a Romantic Dinner With a View

The Rainbow Room Niagara Falls.
Courtesy of The Rainbow Room

If you're looking for a restaurant with a view then you're in luck. The Rainbow Room and the Revolving Dining Room at Skylon Tower offer totally unobstructed views in addition to impeccable dishes. While both restaurants are family-friendly, they cater to the romantic crowd. The Rainbow Room offers American dishes with an Italian twist all in the presence of floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the natural wonder in the near distance. The Revolving Dining Room is a classic that sits 520 feet above the bustling Queen Victoria Park, and offers an ever-changing view of all of Niagara Falls, Ontario as the restaurant makes a 360 degree turn every hour.

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Take a Romantic River Cruise

Courtesy of Niagara River Cruises

It seems like all of the activities on the Niagara River are geared towards the adventure traveler looking for a thrill-seeking moment, but Niagara River Cruises is geared towards a more romantic clientele. They offer a handful of different cruises for those looking to get out on the river but would prefer to stay dry, many of which offer a dinner option. Having an intimate dinner while cruising by Niagara Falls is perfect for lovebirds looking for something different.

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