What Countries Border Peru?

••• Peru's five bordering countries.

Peru is bordered by five countries, with a total land boundary of 4,636 miles (7,461 km). These countries are, from north to south:

  • Ecuador -- 882 miles (1,420 km)
  • Colombia -- 1,118 miles (1,800 km)
  • Brazil -- 1,861 miles (2,995 km)
  • Bolivia -- 668 miles (1,075 km)
  • Chile -- 106 miles (171 km)

The two countries sharing the longest land boundaries with Peru -- Brazil and Colombia -- are arguably the least accessible in terms of overland travel.

The Peru-Colombia border runs through the jungle, with no major roadways running between the two.

The lengthy Peru-Brazil border, meanwhile, does have two major border-crossing points: one crossing via the Amazon River in northern Peru (via Iquitos), and one major land crossing along the Interoceanic Highway in the southeast (via Puerto Maldonado).

In comparison, the remaining three countries all share fairly straightforward border-crossing points with Peru. The Peru-Ecuador and Peru-Chile borders are easy to cross near the coast by traveling along the Panamericana (Pan-American Highway).

Bolivia also has an easily accessible border-crossing point running through the town of Desaguadero, just south of Lake Titicaca. It’s also possible to cross between Peru and Bolivia by taking a boat across Lake Titicaca.

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