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A key to the UK hotel price bands used on this website

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What do you get for your money in in UK hotels? Read this explanation of the price symbols used on United Kingdom Travel to find out.

Hotel prices go up and down. How you book, when you book and what kind of package you book all have an impact on price. So do the fluctuations of the pound sterling against your own national currency.

For that reason, hotel prices are usually not given in hotel reviews throughout this site. Intead, you'll find hotel price ranges indicated with symbols - $ for moderate to $$$$ for deluxe, with no dollar sign at all for cheap rooms.

Average costs in 2015

The latest available information about UK hotel costs is from the 2015 Hotel Price Index. published by It is based on real prices paid by travelers using their website.

The price of a hotel room in the UK varies dramatically from region to region. Contrary to what you might think, London room are, on average, not the most expensive. In the first six months of 2015, that dubious honor went to St.Andrews, in Scotland, where golf enthusiasts shelled out an average of £153 pounds a night. That was down about 5% on the first six months of 2014.

London came in second, with the average room cost £135, down 1%.

Across the country, the average price of a hotel room was also down 1% to £104 a night. If you are looking for a cheap night's sleep in a hotel, that would be Bradford, where even with a price rise of 10%, the average stay was £54 - the cheapest in the UK.

Among the cities that score well on the UK's top 20 for international visitors, Nottingham was the cheapest, at £71 per night, a 14% increase. Birmingham, also on the top 20 list, was also among the cheapest at £74, an increase of 7%

What the price bands cover

  • Hotel room prices are shown per room for two people sharing a standard double on a bed and breakfast basis.
  • Most hotel rooms, though not all, are offered with breakfast.
  • When breakfast is included in the room price, single occupants of single or double rooms may pay slightly less.
  • If breakfast is not included, the price of a room is generally the same for one or two people.

How to use this guide

International visitors to the UK, are bound to judge the cost of rooms in relation to the currency they are used to spending.

The ratings below, used in all the hotel listings and reviews at United Kingdom, are meant as general guidelines only and reflect relative price bands in 2015. They are only indicators of price and not quality. Often a cheaper hotel may offer better value and style than one costing twice as much. The best way to find that kind of information is to read individual hotel reviews on this website.

There are several lists of "cheap"  recommended hotel rooms on this website. Generally, they will cost under £100 but will be more expensive than those designated as cheap on this price key. That's because I will only recommend hotels that meet the basic minimum standards most modern travelers expect. The cheapest rooms that meet those standards are usually in rural b&bss and guest houses rather than hotels. Depending upon their location around the country, these may well cost more or less than £55 per night for two.

Hotel Prices - When the exception is the rule

There will, naturally, be exceptions and, when a hotel offers more (or less) than its price band would suggest, it will be noted in the review or listing. So will exceptionally good value.

Hotel Price Key
Under £55 Cheap
£56-£104 Moderate $
£105-£135 Average $$
£136-£350 Luxury $$$
£350+ Deluxe $$$$
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