How Much Does A Swedish Massage Cost?

Swedish massage
••• During massage, only the part of the body being massaged is uncovered. Getty Images: Medioimages/Photodisc

The cost of a Swedish massage varies, depending on whether you're getting it at a day spa, resort spa, destination spa, a chain like Massage Envy or from a private practitioner. The cost of a basic Swedish massage will also depend on what part of the country you live and how luxurious the spa is.

The cost of a Swedish massage starts at $59 for a 50-minute massage at chains like Massage Envy, but after your first introductory massage you have to join a club and commit to a massage a month for a year to get that low rate.

You also have to live near a Massage Envy.

Massage therapists who have a private practice generally charge $70-$90 for a sixty-minute Swedish massage, depending on where you live. The cost will be higher if they travel to your home.

Swedish massage at day spas generally range from around $75-$125, depending on where you live and how luxurious the spa is. The cost is higher in larger cities, generally starting around $90 for a one-hour Swedish massage.

Swedish Massage Costs More At Overnight Spas

A massage costs more at destination, resort and hotel spas, generally starting at $125 for a fifty-minute Swedish massage and going higher at luxury hotel spas. Part of what you are paying for is access to facilities like steam, sauna and whirlpools, so take your time and enjoy them!

Tax is usually added on top of the price at most spas, and it's accepted practice to tip 15% to 20%. Tipping is optional for private massage therapists.