Photo Gallery: 8 Scenic Pictures of Corbett National Park

India, Uttarakhand, Mahout with tourists at Jim Corbett National Park
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    Introduction to Corbett National Park

    Uttarakhand, View of Ramganga River at Corbett.
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    Corbett National Park is among the top national parks in India. Established in 1936 by legendary tiger hunter Jim Corbett, it's the oldest national park in India and also one of the largest. The park is located along the Ramganga River, at the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The chances of seeing a tiger at Corbett aren't great but there are plenty of other animals. These photos of Corbett National Park show its natural beauty.

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    Corbett National Park Jeep Safaris

    Safari at Corbett.
    Grant Dixon/Getty Images

    Corbett National Park is popularly explored by jeep safari, early in the morning and in the late afternoon.


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    Corbett National Park Elephant Safari

    Riding Asian elephants, Dhikala.
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    Unlike many of India's national parks, elephant safaris are possible at Corbett. Two hour elephant rides take place in the Dhikala Forest Zone, which is only accessible to guests who stay there. Long elephant safaris are also available at the Durga Devi tourist zone of Corbett National Park.

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    Forest Bungalow Accommodations

    For the best wildlife viewing, stay deep in the reserve in the Dhikala Zone in a Forest Department bungalow.


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    Sunrise at Corbett National Park

    Sunrise at Corbett.
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    Early mornings are quite spectacular at Corbett National Park, with the sun glinting through the foliage.


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    Elephants at Corbett National Park

    Elephants at Corbett.
    Sharell Cook

    While there are wild elephants in Corbett National Park, these elephants are actually trained ones. They've been let free for a while to enjoy the water.

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    Spotted Deer at Corbett National Park

    Spotted deer.
    travelgame/Getty Images

    Spotted Deer (also known as chittal) are the most commonly sighted animal at Corbett National Park.

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    Monkeys at Corbett National Park

    Monkeys at Corbett.
    Danita Delimont/Getty Images

    Monkey sightings are pretty much guaranteed at Corbett National Park. These monkeys are langurs.