Where to Take Cooking Classes in Toronto

Up your kitchen game with the help of 8 Toronto cooking classes

••• Cooking class at Cookery in Toronto. Image courtesy Cookery via Instagram

Whether you want to get inspired to cook more for yourself, learn to make something specific, or master a new culinary skill, there’s a cooking class in Toronto that can help you. Getting creative in the kitchen and learning new skills can help keep you inspired to cook more at home, saving money and eating a healthier diet. Here are eight places to take a cooking class in the city.

Market Kitchen at St. Lawrence Market


Lawrence Market isn’t just a foodie’s paradise because it’s filled with amazing food vendors selling everything from fresh produce and baked goods to spices, meats and prepared foods. It’s also home to the Market Kitchen, where you’ll find a multitude of cooking workshops being offered. Hands-on classes include “make & take” where whatever you make – be it pies or spring vegetable preserves – you also get to take some home with you. There are also classes devoted to specific types of cuisine, specific ingredients, as well as specific skills like pasta making or preparing the perfect pizza.


Over on Roncesvalles is where you’ll find Cookery, a specialty kitchenware store that also hosts events and cooking classes for both kids and adults. Cooking classes fall into four categories and cover everything you need to get more comfortable in the kitchen, or improve on the skills you already have.

Skills-based classes cover topics like pasta and bread making or whole fish butchery, seasonal classes help put new spins on holiday dinners, weekday gourmet classes help inspire home cooks and global getaway classes cover the cuisines of Italy, France, Thailand, and India.

Dish Cooking Studio

The comprehensive, hands-on cooking classes at Dish cover everything from knife skills and pastry-making, to preparing dishes based on a number of cuisines.

So whether you want to learn how to master paella or cook an Italian feast, there’s likely a class you can sign up for at Dish. Just note that the classes tend to sell out quickly.

The Chef Upstairs

Choose from a variety of unique cooking classes courtesy of The Chef Upstairs. Classes run three hours in length and include a minimum of three recipes. When all is said and done - you get to enjoy what you've created. All classes are interactive and hands on so you'll be learning by doing, and cover everything from Italian and Mexican, to East Asian street food and grilling techniques. 

Le Dolci Cakes and Cupcakes

Anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to make the switch from buying dessert to making it themselves will want to look into classes at Le Dolci Cakes and Cupcakes. Frequent classes cover all your favourite sweet treats, from pies and doughnuts, to cookies, tarts, eclairs and more. There are also cake and cupcake decorating classes, as well as classes that cover gluten-free baking.

Aphrodite Cooks

Aphrodite Cooks offers classes for all skill levels and tastes, so no matter what you’re looking for – new skills or fresh inspiration – a class here can probably help. Couples will want to take note that Aphrodite Cooks also offers couples classes, which would make for a fun date night out and an alternative to going out to dinner.

The Big Carrot

Feel like adding a few healthier recipes to your culinary roster? You can do that with a cooking class at The Big Carrot where the foodie-focus is on plant-based meals and healthy kitchen know-how. Creative, hands-on classes may include anything from vegan Indian cooking and healthy sweet treats, to how to cook for an anti-inflammatory diet or making detox-friendly meals. Classes run two hours and are open to all skill levels, even beginner cooks. Just note that classes are currently on hiatus, to be offered again starting summer 2017.

Loblaws Cooking School

Head over to your local Loblaws to take part in one of their cooking classes, of which there are many to choose from. Classes vary according to location, but there should  be something that strikes your interest at a store near you, or at least close by.

Classes may cover anything from seafood and spa cuisine, to cake decorating, Mexican and brunch favourites. Loblaws also offers classes for kids of various ages.