Should You Consider a Teardrop Trailer?

4 reasons to consider a teardrop trailer as your next RV

Teardrop trailers
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Most of the love in the RV world goes to traditional types of RVs like travel trailers, motorhomes, and fifth wheels. These RV types all have their positives, but there is one old-fashioned trailer type that’s seen a resurgence in popularity. This type of RV is the teardrop trailer. So, what exactly is a teardrop trailer? Why are they popular again? Why should you invest in one? Let’s look at why you should consider a teardrop trailer.

Why You Should Consider a Teardrop Trailer

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

Teardrop trailers are one of the oldest forms of RVing. Before the days of RV mass production, many people got into the world of RVing by building their travel trailers found in publications like Popular Mechanics. Teardrops were designed to be built by hand and accommodate the functionality and features needed at the time. Over the years, the teardrop has resurged as a trendy way for travelers to hit the road with as little as possible and still bring some amenities from home with them.

As the name implies, teardrop trailers are easy to identify due to their large round front section that tapers back towards the end of the trailer, creating a teardrop-shaped profile. The front part of the teardrop is used as the sleeping section while the back half is built as a galley and storage area. So, what are the benefits of this trailer type?

4 Reasons to Consider a Teardrop Trailer


Teardrop trailers are the smallest type trailer in the RV world. Most teardrops are around five to seven feet in width and hardly ever more than 12 feet long creating a small footprint. You don’t need a heavy-duty truck to tow an average teardrop trailer, heck you likely don’t even need a truck. Because the teardrop is having a very small footprint and not very heavy, it can be hauled by almost any type of vehicle including subcompact cars and even motorcycles. Chances are whatever is sitting in your garage likely has the power to haul a teardrop trailer.

Low Cost, Low Impact

An added benefit of their small stature is that teardrop trailers won’t cost you a lot of money or other resources. Your vehicle won’t need to work hard to haul them so that you won’t be burning much gas. Even the smallest of RV park spaces will fit a teardrop trailer, and their small size also means that they aren’t too difficult to control on the road. This makes the teardrop trailer a great RV for a “get up and go” RVing philosophy.

Aesthetics and Function

Teardrops are some of the most popular models to have a custom built, and some of these custom-built rides are gorgeous. Wooden exteriors, retro paint designs, and more make teardrop trailers some of the most appealing towables on the market. You also get function too.

A well-built teardrop trailer will provide plenty of sleeping room for two and three people while also offering greatly attached kitchens. Some people have outfitted their teardrops with full electrical, AC, TVs, and more why others are quite rustic with simple sleeping areas and galleys.

You Can Build Your Own

Teardrop trailers were one of the most popular early RVs because almost anyone with basic carpentry skills can build their own and sometimes with materials they could find in their local scrap yard.

The build your philosophy dived in interest when RV mass manufacturers began churning out affordable and more practical models for families, but teardrop trailers have seen a resurgence in popularity with more people seeking to get their hands dirty and get back to the roots of RVing.

Building your own means your teardrop will be your own and some people have honed and practiced their skill have come up with some downright beautiful models for not too much money.

If you like to RV solo or with one person and like minimal impact, low-cost travel than the teardrop trailer may be perfect for you. Look around the internet and get some ideas on the several types of teardrops available or build your own. The teardrop is a true connection to the majestic world of RVing.