WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh - Free Wireless Internet Access

Downtown Pittsburgh offers two free hours of wireless Internet access to anyone who visit, work, or live Downtown. WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh, first instituted September 13, 2006, provides free wireless Internet access for the downtown Golden Triange, Point State Park, the North Shore and Lower Hill District. The free wireless Internet access even includes PNC Park and Point State Park.

WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh is powered by US Wireless, and can be accessed anytime outdoors in the downtown Pittsburgh area. The WiFi 802.11b/g access may work in some downtown Pittsburgh restaurants and other buildings, but isn't guaranteed to work indoors. Valid for any WiFi-enabled computer, portable or hand-held device for up to two hours a day.

How to Use WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh

Connecting Step-by-Step

  1. Locate the wireless icon on your desktop toolbar and right click.
  2. Click on "Viewable Wireless Networks."
  3. Select "WiFi Pittsburgh" and click "Connect."
  4. Once connected, click on your Internet browser (you will receive the WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh page).
  5. If not already registered, click on the "Register Now" box and follow the instructions.
  6. Once registered, you can surf the Internet anywhere outdoors Downtown for two hours free. The two free hours of Wi-Fi is good for a single 24-hour period.
  7. Next time you use the network, just type in your password and go!

    If you need more than two free hours during a 24-hour period, US Wireless Online offers various service tiers with their US Wireless Online DayConnect service. DayConnect users will receive 1 Mbps of bandwidth, and will also benefit from VPN and other security encryption protocol support.

    US Wireless Online Subscription Packages:

    Single-day Connect (24 hours) $7.99
    Mobile Connect (1 month) $14.99
    Annual Connect (1 year) $119.99