Connecticut Water Parks and Amusement Parks

Find the State's Coasters, Water Slides, and Other Rides and Attractions

Connecticut has a couple of wonderful amusement parks that also feature water parks. While they offer contemporary thrills, the two parks are noteworthy for their longevity and history. You could also ride down water slides year-round at the state's indoor water park.

As is often the case for amusement parks, especially in the northeast part of the country, there used to be quite a few more places to find fun in Connecticut that have since closed. For example, Savin Rock in West Haven operated from around 1870 to 1966. Its coasters included the Roller Boller, Giant Flyer, and Virginia Reel. West Haven was quite an, um, haven for parks. White City opened in the early 1900s and closed in 1967. Through the years, it offered two coasters, Sky Blazer and the White City Flyer. Also in West Haven, visitors could ride the Devil wooden coaster at Liberty Pier, which closed in 1932.

Roton Point opened in the 1880s in Norwalk and offered thrills on coasters such as the Skylark and Big Dipper...MORE until 1942. Steeplechase Island operated from 1892 to 1958 in Bridgeport. Lakewood Park used to entertain visitors in Waterbury. Riders could brave the Greyhound coaster at Walnut Beach in Milford until the New England Hurricane of 1938 destroyed it.

Before we get to Connecticut parks and attractions that are open, here are some resources to find nearby fun places and make travel plans:

Connecticut parks are listed alphabetically:

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    Adventure Park at Storrs
    ••• Adventure Park at Storrs

    Outdoor adventure park

    This isn't a traditional amusement park with roller coasters and other rides. Its owners describe it as an "aerial forest park." Activities include zip lines, trails, and challenge bridges.

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    Parrot character at CoCo Key Water Resort
    ••• CoCo Key Water Resort

    Indoor water park resort

    Open to both guests at the adjacent hotel and to the general public, the relatively small water park offers water slides, a lazy river, an indoor/outdoor whirlpool spa, and other attractions.

    CoCo Key is the state's only indoor water park. Other nearby parks:

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    ••• © Arthur Levine.

    Amusement park and outdoor water park

    The country's oldest continuously operating park (it first opened in 1846), Lake Compounce is a classic amusement park with some great modern touches. Among its highlights is Boulder Dash, one of the world's most acclaimed wooden coasters. Admission includes Bayou Bay, Connecticut's largest water park. One of its water slides empties into the namesake Lake Compounce. Admission also includes unlimited soft drinks.

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    Nature’s Art Village Splashpad
    ••• Nature’s Art Village

    Outdoor adventure park, splashpad, and indoor attractions

    Nature’s Art Village is not a conventional amusement park and does not offer the typical assortment of coasters and spinning rides found at parks. Attractions include The Dinosaur Place, an exhibit of dozens of animated dinosaurs, a playground, and a moon bounce. A splashpad allows visitors to cool down with a variety of sprayers and other ways to get wet. Indoor activities include a silver mine, panning for gold, and The Gateway Museum. The complex also includes shops and an antiques marketplace.

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    Ocean Beach Park Connecticut
    ••• Ocean Beach Park

    New London
    Amusement park and outdoor water slide

    The small seaside park offers a few kiddie rides and family rides such as a carousel, a Scrambler, and a junior roller coaster. Ocean Beach doesn't really offer a water park. It's just a single water slide, a few sprayers for younger visitors, and a pool. Of course, the ocean offers some water activities as well.

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    Brookfield and Wallingford
    Kart racing

    Junior and adult racing vehicles are available. Participants race against one another during timed track sessions.

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    Photo of the highly rated wooden coaster at Quassy in Middlebury, Connecticut.
    ••• © Arthur Levine, 2012. Licensed to

    Amusement park and outdoor water park

    It's not quite as old as Lake Compounce, but Quassy dates back to 1908 and is one of the country's few remaining trolley parks​. It also offers an outdoor water park as well as swimming in its lake. And it features a wonderful wooden roller coaster, Wooden Warrior. Other attractions at the charming park include a freefall tower, a water coaster, the Little Dipper roller coaster, and additional thrill rides and kiddie rides.