A Complete Guide to 'Yellowstone' Filming Locations

Explore the set locations of Paramount Network's hit show

'Yellowstone' on Paramount Network
'Yellowstone' on Paramount Network .

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"Yellowstone" takes viewers on a wild ride as they watch how the family of Montana's largest contiguous ranch, the fictional Yellowstone Dunton Ranch, stays in power and keeps their generational property intact. It is the nucleolus for massive drama: Outside developers are relentlessly trying to seize the land and the chaos bleeds out into the bordering Broken Rock Indian Reservation and Yellowstone National Park. This is the new frontier in the wild west of modern times for Big Sky country, and sometimes it gets bloody.

With writer and director Taylor Sheridan at the helm, the Western drama features a cast of mavericks: Kevin Costner as patriarch John Dutton, Wes Bentley as the conflicted and often malevolent Jamie Dutton, Luke Grimes as the self-sacrificing Kayce Dutton, Kelly Reilly as the spitfire Beth Dutton, Cole Hauser as the merciless-yet-amorous Rip Wheeler, Kelsey Asbille as the pensive Monica Long, Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater, and Mo Brings Plenty played by the real-life Mo Brings Plenty.

While most of the first three seasons of this hit show, which premiered in 2018 on Paramount Network, were filmed in and around Utah, production moved to Montana for the fourth season and onward. (See a list of filming and production locations on IMDb.)

Keep reading to learn about the filming locations of this popular Neo-Western drama television series.

'Yellowstone', Paramount Network

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Ogden and Other Utah Locations

Before "Yellowstone" premiered, more than 20 locations in Utah were used as the backdrop for the show’s first three seasons.

In Ogden, Utah, a ski town that also has plenty of mountain biking and hiking in the summer months, you’ll find the exterior of the show’s Schwartz & Meyer bank building at 2505 Lincoln Avenue. Wander down 25th Street, a three-block shopping district that has plenty of restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries, which are also featured in the show. Finally, for the full "Yellowstone" experience, enjoy an adult beverage at The Outlaw Saloon and sit in the stands for the Odgen Pioneer Stadium rodeo.

An hour south of Odgen in Spanish Forks, where the Utah County Fair is held, is where rodeo scenes for "Yellowstone" were filmed at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds.

In Park City, you can see Dan Jenkins' luxury lodge, located at the Nicklaus Clubhouse at Promontory Point—make dinner reservations at The Peak restaurant or watch the sunset on the View Deck.

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Missoula, Montana

Now that the series has moved filming locations to Montana, per an announcement that was made in 2020, you can expect to see scenes throughout the series in and around Missoula as well as at locations across the state.

In the heart of Missoula, visit Ryman Street and Ruby’s Café—the setting for the memorable shoot-out scene. In a pivotal part of the series, Beth Dutton meets Carter outside a hospital, filmed at the Missoula Community Medical Center. This is also where John Dutton recovered after being shot in the season three finale.

Several scenes were filmed at The Missoula County Courthouse at 200 West Broadway as well as the Garlington Building, located across the street. A protest is held outside of the fictional Livestock Association’s Livingston Field Office, which in real life is a simple building at the corner of Railroad Street and Woody Street in Missoula. Glen’s Café, 30 minutes south of Missoula in Florence, is where John Dutton ordered a Salisbury steak—Glen’s sells special "Yellowstone" T-shirts currently.

Just 19 miles north of Missoula, on the south end of the Flathead Indian Reservation, sits the Gray Wolf Peak Casino.

Chief Joseph Ranch, Montana

The show’s Yellowstone Dunton Ranch can be found nestled in the small town of Darby, 90 minutes south of Missoula. The stunning Chief Joseph Ranch is one of the main filming locations for the series. Located near the Bitterroot Valley, with Trapper Peak on the horizon, this historic landmark is also a family-owned working guest ranch.

The land was inhabited for hundreds of years by the Salish Native American tribe, with a trail that Lewis and Clark and the Nez Percé tribe followed, cutting through the property. Chief Joseph traveled across this land in the late 1800s. Homesteaders settled on the ranch—Shelton Ranch—in 1880, followed by two men, William Ford and Howard Clark Hollister, who began building the current-day lodge in 1917. The Ford-Hollister 6,000-square-foot lodge was renamed the Chief Joseph Ranch in the early 1950s.

For $1,200 per night, you can stay at Lee Dutton’s cabin from season 1, or for $1,500 per night, you can stay at Rip Wheeler’s cabin—both bookings come with a full tour of the ranch and its set locations (the only way to see the ranch beyond the front gate). While there, you can marvel at the lodge’s great room, kitchen, back porch, helipad, yard, armory, barns, and several locales on the property along the Bitterroot River.  

Yellowston Dunton Ranch

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Hamilton, Montana

One hour south of Missoula in Hamilton, the show’s Montana Livestock Association building was filmed at 163 S. 2nd Street in the downtown area. The deadly car chase scene was filmed on Meridian Road and Bear Creek Road, 12 miles north of Hamilton.

The governor’s house is also located in the Bitterroot Valley’s Hamilton at the Daly Mansion, a historic late-1800s, 24,000-square-foot Victorian home that is now a museum and wedding venue. The Daly Mansion is open to the public for tours.

Helena, Montana

The show’s governor’s office, which is filmed at the Montana State Capital, is in Helena. Enjoy video and virtual tours of the capital building or see it in person over the summer during a guided tour, led by the legislative services division. In season one of the show, the governor’s office is in the actual state capital, but in season five, John Dutton is sworn in at Missoula County Courthouse with a tight shot so it’s not readily discernible that it’s not the genuine state capital.

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Crow India Reservation

Located in southern Montana, 10 miles outside of Billings, is the setting for the fictional Broken Rock Indian Reservation, where Thomas Rainwater resides. It was filmed at Montana’s Crow Indian Reservation, the largest reservation in the state of Montana with more than two million acres. This is also the setting for the Tribal Casino, located at the real Apasaalooke Nights Casino in Crow Agency.

Headquartered in Crow Agency, the Crow Tribe has a membership of about 11,000 and they manage a herd of 300 bison. The Crow Native Days is in June and the Crow Fair and Rodeo is in July.

Guthrie, Texas

During a plot twist in season four of "Yellowstone," the 6666 Ranch (the Four Sixes Ranch) was introduced when the lovable ranch hand Jimmy was relocated there to learn how to become a dependable and hardworking cowboy. The historic Four Sixes Ranch, founded in 1870, is located near Guthrie and they specialize in American Quarter Horses and Angus cattle.

You can visit the open-to-the-public 6666 Supply House, which is still standing in the same spot since 1900. The 6666 Ranch, which Sheridan owns, is reportedly the setting for a new "Yellowstone" spinoff. (Other show spinoffs include "1883," "1923," and "Bass Reeves.")