Golden Gate Bridge Beach: The Complete Guide

Marshall's Beach at Sunset
Marshall's Beach at Sunset.

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Marshall's Beach

Marshall's Beach, San Francisco, CA 94129, USA
Phone +1 415-561-4374

You get a good view of the San Francisco landmark from Golden Gate Bridge Beach. It's also called Marshall's Beach. But its other nickname "Nasty Boy Beach" may be the first thing you should know about it. Even if all the boys (and girls) who go there aren't nasty, they may be naked.

The beach is very close to the bridge, just below some old military installations. It's made up of three coves, all of them with great views. The location is pretty, but it's not safe to swim, it can be crowded and sometimes windy and cold.

Nude Recreation at Golden Gate Bridge Beach

Golden Gate Bridge Beach is popular with the gay community, but you'll find a few single women and straight couples mixed in. It can be packed on weekends, and a few times a year, the crowd gets even worse. Weekdays are much quieter.

Golden Gate Bridge Beach Essential Information

There are no facilities. That means no toilets and no water. Bring water and snacks and take everything out that you take in. The nearest restrooms are at the Fort Scott Ball Field, at Lincoln Blvd and Storey Ave.

The beach can get super narrow at high tide. Check the times for high and low tide before planning your visit and definitely before heading down that long trail with your gear.

People talk about watching the sunset from Marshall's Beach but don't let them fool you. To see the bridge from there, you have to look toward the east and last time we checked, the sun sets in the west.

The views from this location are gorgeous but very similar to what you can see by going to Baker Beach (which is also a nude beach) just a little bit south. The trail to there is much shorter and easier to walk.

This part of the coast is often foggy (and cold) all day, especially during conditions called June Gloom which can happen anytime between May and August.

How to Get to Golden Gate Bridge Beach

Golden Gate Bridge Beach is about a half mile southwest of the bridge entrance. From Lincoln Boulevard just south of where Storey Ave/Merchant Rd intersect it, turn toward the water into Langdon Court.

You can park in the Langdon Court parking lot — if you can find a space there. There's also another larger lot just across Lincoln Ave.

There's a steep and long but well-maintained beach trail at the south end of Langdon Court. It's marked Batteries to Bluffs Trail. It has steps and flat sections. The turnoff to the beach is marked Marshall's Beach.

Nudity Laws and Golden Gate Bridge Beach

The beach is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which makes it Federal land. There is no Federal law against nudity, but neither is it a guaranteed right. State, county, and local laws can take precedence so be sure you're also familiar with California's nudity laws

If you are new to clothing optional beaches, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

More Nude Beaches Within 25 Miles of Golden Gate Bridge Beach

  • Baker Beach: A little south
  • Lands End Beach: West of Baker Beach
  • Funston Beach: Southwest off Skyline Blvd
  • Red Rock Beach: Marin County, about 20 miles north
  • Sculptured Beach: Marin County, about 25 miles north
  • Grey Whale Cove (Devil's Slide): San Mateo County, 20 miles south
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The Complete Guide to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Nude Beach