Common Problems for Hotel Guests and What to Do

Those who have to travel regularly and stay in a range of different hotels and motels across the country will have experienced several problems with different hotel rooms, and whether you are in the United States or on the other side of the world, many of the problems that guests encounter are the same. Knowing what to do and how to deal with the situation can be very useful, and especially what you can do when dealing with the staff of the hotel where the problem exists. Here is a list of common issues that people can encounter when they are staying at a hotel, and some suggestions on what to do if you find the same problem in your hotel room.


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Noise From Neighboring Rooms

Noisy hotel room

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One of the most common problems that people will encounter is when the neighbors in adjacent rooms are noisy, and this can range from heavy snoring through to those who are up late at night or returning from a night out. The other situation which can also occur is when the room is above or next to the hotel's bar or function room, and the noise from these places too can be a problem.

Ultimately you will have two options here, and speaking to the hotel staff to ask for another room is something that can be successful, particularly earlier in the night when not all rooms may be taken. Alternatively, many travelers will already have noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to drown out the noise, with the earplugs designed for those who sleep with heavy snorers being particularly effective.

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Dirty Rooms

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Another of the common issues, particularly for those staying in accommodation at the lower end of the market is rooms that haven't been adequately cleaned. Insect infestations such as bed bugs and cockroaches can also be a problem in some areas, and when it comes to hotel rooms, guests can expect a certain level of hygiene from their accommodation.

The first step will be to complain to the hotel staff, but also if you are traveling on a package holiday, then also to the company representative, as in some countries they are equally liable for the standard of the accommodation. You can ask to be moved to a different room, or in extreme circumstances may want to leave and stay at a different hotel. In terms of recourse, make sure you document the conditions thoroughly and then try to complain to the hotel, then to the tour company, and also consider claiming the transaction back through your credit card if the service is not as described.

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Reservations Not Honored

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In some cases, hotels may need to take rooms out of service if there is a technical problem, while in other situations they may actually have over-booked their rooms. For those who show up and there is no room present for them, then you may be limited in terms of what you can do beyond complain, but it is certainly vital to get the full details from the hotel staff. 

It is fair to expect that if the hotel is aware of a problem with a room not being available, that they arrange accommodation at another hotel, and in many cases, they will also provide an upgrade or a free meal. If they are not able to provide this, then it is worth taking full details of any costs you incur because of this failure and complain to the hotel with receipts for everything. If you are unsuccessful, then you should also be able to claim this back through your travel insurance.

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No Hot Water

No hot water at the hotel

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Cold water in a hotel may not be too much of a problem if you are looking to cool off after a day of sunbathing, but for others, it can be a real frustration, and prevent washing and the relaxing warm embrace of the water after a day out in cold conditions.

Firstly, make sure it is a problem with the water, there are so many different types of showers with different knobs changing temperatures. If this doesn't help, then speak to the reception about access to another room to see if the hot water is out throughout the hotel. Alternatively, many leisure centers and swimming pools will have showers you can use, and motorway service stations will also sometimes have such facilities.

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Rude or Unpleasant Staff

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This is one of the biggest and most frustrating problems for hotel guests, as if the staff at a hotel don't care about the service they provide, then what are you to do? The first thing is not to get in an argument with them, as that will usually achieve nothing, so walk away from the situation and try to take note of their appearance and their name if they are wearing a nametag. Take this up with the manager of the hotel, and explain the situation and how you were dealt with. If you do not have any success, then at least you can leave a review on travel review websites warning others about the problems with that particular hotel.

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