Common Mistakes for World Travel Destinations

As you approach world travel destinations, common mistakes threaten to devalue your visit.

Travel takes us from the familiar to the unfamiliar. It's what we love about getting away from home.

But when travelers enter different cities or new countries, they often find budget pitfalls that are unique to the destination. For example, will you schedule your visit to the Greek Isles so tightly that you'll fail to drink in the beauty around you, and then miss the fleeting connections between some islands? This one mistake spoils many first visits to Greece.

Do you allow for cultural differences when you travel? If not, you might make costly mistakes with something as simple as tipping after a meal.

Consider some common mistakes in popular world destinations. Once you're armed with this information, you'll be ready to step out with confidence and come home with more cash.

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Caribbean Mistakes

Caribbean beaches are among the world's favorite getaway spots.
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Timid travelers sometimes pay a lot more money and get a lot less value.

For example, Caribbean cuisine is well worth sampling, but some arrive here wanting to find food that closely resembles what they'd be served at home. The same can be said for people who get off a cruise ship and wander a few streets of the port city without seeing anything else the surrounding island has to offer.

Consider ways people stumble into 8 common mistakes in Caribbean travel and avoid a similar fate.

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Greece Mistakes

Santorini is among Greece's most photographed destinations.
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Short of failing to visit Greece altogether because of fears about unrest or financial instability, the biggest mistakes made here often involve mismanaging time -- and sometimes assuming simple ferry runs can be started and finished precisely on time.

See how you can sidestep some of the most common mistakes made by travelers to Greece.

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Ireland Mistakes

Ireland combines old world charm with pastoral beauty.
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Ireland offers green pastures, historic treasures and ample hospitality to its many visitors. But costs for food, accommodations and car rentals can be high. Careful planning is necessary to make a trip to Ireland affordable.

Take a look at 8 common mistakes in Ireland travel and avoid as many of these common pitfalls as possible.

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London Mistakes

London's famous landmarks draw millions of visitors each year.
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Sometimes the popular destinations in a given city can be a waste of both time and money.

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel with enclosed compartments that rise to more than 400 feet above the Thames. It's certainly a unique attraction. But you'll pay at least $1 a minute for a ride that lasts just less an one half-hour, and you're likely to wait in long lines during peak season for your turn to ride. You'll also need good visibility, which is often in short supply here.

You'll need to ask yourself if that investment is a better use of your time than visiting other major attractions such as the Tower of London or the British Museum (which does not charge admission).

Consider common travel mistakes made during visits to London.

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Mexico Mistakes

Puerto Vallarta has grown into one of the Pacific's most popular resorts.
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Will your ATM withdrawal come in pesos or dollars? Is there a steep fee for each visit to the machine? The questions are simple, but the answers can be elusive and sometimes expensive.

Downloading emails on a mobile phone and losing a small slip of paper required by Mexican Customs can also add up to costly mistakes. It pays to know a few of the common mistakes made during travel to Mexico.

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Paris Mistakes

Paris combines beauty with sophistication.
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Paris visitors complain about long lines at the Eiffel Tower elevator and expensive food. But such expenditures of time and money can be managed with a little homework prior to travel.

Paris food is expensive, but the quality often justifies the price. Don't miss out on this important part of the culture you've come to experience. Just plan your food costs so that you aren't spending top-Euro for every meal.

Bypass eight common Paris travel mistakes.

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Venice Mistakes

Venice is a unique city that attracts huge summer crowds.
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You'll never forget a trip to Venice. The Grand Canal, the architecture, and the simple view of Venetians living their daily lives will stay with you. But it might also take a long time to pay off your expenses, because food and lodging here can be quite expensive.

Look at common mistakes for travel to Venice. They are easy to avoid if you plan to do so.

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