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Columbus Museum of Art

480 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA
Phone +1 614-221-6801

The Columbus Museum of Art is undergoing renovations. One of the most recent renovations include updates to the Creative Space on the ground floor of the museum.

This space is designed to get the whole family excited about art and it really does the trick with lots of hands-on activities and fun displays. The CMA takes the adult, restrictive "Don't Touch Anything" museum mentality and turns it on its ear with fun, kid-friendly activities that specifically say "Touch Me!"

Throughout the Creativity Space, CMA keeps things both fun and educational. Each room has a specific purpose and while there is flexibility in the many of the rooms, especially with activity and theme, here are a few basics:

Did you know the CMA hosts birthday parties? The Ready Room serves as a multipurpose room for birthday parties, special events and classes.

The Wonder Room is a delight and families will likely spend the majority of their time here. Designed for children ages three to fourteen, the room includes several hands-on art activities including building mobile sculptures, creating hybrid or entirely made-up animals out of magnetic parts, fort building, etc. The room also features a looped video showing children and their parents engaging in play. *Full Disclosure: My family was featured in one segment alongside two others building a sheet fort.*

The Innovation Lab allows kids to 'get their tech on' while learning.

Another kid friendly area is the Family Gallery which currently features "Don't Eat The Art" an exhibition that focuses on food art. Children can explore art through puzzles, pretend play, question and answer and picture recreations.

Creativity @ CMA Gallery features changing themes and activities that help encourage discussion and participation. The create and display opportunities are the most popular features.

These are just a few of the big new ideas the Columbus Museum of Art is using to make art come alive for Central Ohio kids.

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Columbus Museum of Art - Activities for Kids