Collinsville Flea Market

Collinsville Trade Day Flea Market

Collinsville Trade Day Flea Market

Collinsville Flea Market is a treasure hunters gold mine. Open-air dealing and a step back in time makes Collinsville Flea Market one of the greatest real-life shopping experiences left. Find out what Southern rural life is and was all about at the Collinsville Trade Day every Saturday in Alabama, from 4:30 a.m. until dealers go home, usually starting around noon.

Started in 1972, Collinsville Flea Market has over 800 booths and can find over 30,000 shoppers on a good weather day.

What can you find at Collinsville?

  • Used merchandise
  • new antiques collectibles
  • produce
  • pets
  • farm animals
  • farm equipment
  • furniture
  • trees
  • shrubs
  • Iron works
  • lawn furniture
  • statuary
  • cast-iron pots
  • baseball cards
  • Avon
  • food to eat
  • plants
  • pottery
  • anything you want

If you've never been to a flea market, Collinsville is one of the best to go to experience some country living, wheeling and dealing.

Collinsville Flea Market is found on Highway 11 South in Collinsville. Once you're within 30 miles, you can stop anywhere and just ask folks "Where's the Flea Market" and the locals all know what you're talking about and start to answer you even before you finish your question! Be sure and go early to get the best deals. We've gotten there after noon and some of the vendors have packed up and gone home, but with over 800 booths, there's still plenty sellers until 2 o'clock or so.

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