Take a Pub Crawl on Denver's Colfax Avenue

Visit pubs along Colfax Avenue for a pub crawl in Denver between Broadway Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Wear comfortable walking shoes to traverse Colfax Avenue. Start the night at Prohibition with a legal brew and end the night at Goosetown with a burger. Most of the bars do not have a cover charge, except for Sancho's Broken Arrow.

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The Three Lions

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Formerly the Bank Bar & Grill, the location reopened as the Three Lions in 2011. The English pub features soccer coverage from around the world, including Colorado Rapids games. Standard pub fare is spiced up with across-the-pond offerings such as house curry and scotch eggs.

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Prohibition may seem like an odd moniker for a bar serving alcohol, but the exposed-brick walls and old-fashioned bar stools lend a cozy ambiance to Colfax. The bar features comfort food such as pot pies and braised short rib sandwiches, as well as nightly drink specials.

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Sancho's Broken Arrow

Sancho's Broken Arrow has been hosting live music on Colfax Ave. for more than a decade. Named after a fictional character in "Don Quixote," Sancho's was founded by three brothers who were all dedicated Deadheads. The bar offers a standard lineup of beers on tap, but there is no kitchen service. Minimal cover charge for live music.

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The Irish Snug

The dark wood paneling and lack of windows in the Irish Snug transports bar-goers to rainy Ireland from sunny Denver. The Snug features Irish beers such as Guiness and Harp on tap, as well as fine Irish whiskeys such as Jameson and Bushmills. The Snug's sedate storefront belies the spacious nature of the bar, which also has nooks and crannies called snugs for patrons to drink in private.

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Pete's Satire Lounge

If you want to drink in the same watering hole as your father and grandfather before you, step into Pete's Satire Lounge. The bar has been in business since 1945 and features a reliable, if not trendy, ambiance. Pete's offers Mexican food as well as standard beers on tap.

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Mezcal features both top-shelf mezcals and tequilas, in addition to a full menu of Mexican food. Stop off at Mezcal for drinks or dinner, but keep in mind the eatery closes at 1 a.m. On Friday and Saturday nights after 10 p.m., Mezcal offers late night happy hour specials.

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The Atomic Cowboy

Is that a cowboy bar on Colfax? No sirree, but the Atomic Cowboy features plenty of pool tables for urban cowboys and cowgirls. The bar and lounge also carry a variety of board games patrons can play while downing drinks. The kitchen is also open late until 1 a.m. on weekends for late-night munchies.

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Goosetown Tavern

Photo courtesy of Goosetown Tavern

What's good for the goose is good for the gander -- especially when it's burgers and brats at Goosetown Tavern. The bar opened in its current location in 1998 after the original establishment closed its doors in Golden. The bar also features two pool tables for friendly games -- no foul play!

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