Clubs and Bars in Las Vegas

Where to Dance and Drink in Las Vegas

There are a lot of ways to have fun in Las Vegas. There is no question about that, but where can you go to have the kind of fun that people talk about. You know what I'm talking about, these people get lost in their memories when they recollect what exactly happened and how they came so close to losing control. It's time for you to get to the edge of your comfort zone.

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XS at Encore Las Vegas

Photo by Barbara Craft

If your imagination has begun to run wild with an image of Las Vegas nightlife it probably has come up with something that resembles XS at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. XS is about excess, the elegance is everywhere and the opulence is what turns your evening into a decadent affair of Las Vegas nightlife.

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Places to Have a Drink in Las Vegas

You want to have a drink but you also want to relax and not get hit on by every person of the opposite sex. These are a few of the places in Las Vegas where you can relax and enjoy a cocktail. You might have a conversation but don't be alarmed some places in Las Vegas really are meant for just having drinks.

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Nightclubs of Las Vegas

You might want an idea of where to go to let it all hang out. Here are a few places but be warned that if you let too much out there is no guarantee that you won't be sitting next to a very large, friendly man in a square cell at the end of the night. Las Vegas nightlife is very diverse and there is something for everyone. VIP or lounge lizard, it doesn't matter, you can find it in Las Vegas.

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Get a Look at the Lounges of Las Vegas

These are a few of the lounges and bars where you might start the night or even look for a quick drink at.

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The Best Outdoor Clubs in Las Vegas

When the weather is nice it’s always a plus to go to a club where part of the attraction is an outdoor area. Some have great views of the entire Las Vegas valley while others peek out onto the Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas nightlife is getting better all the time and these clubs take you outside to improve the Las Vegas Experience.

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A few places in Las Vegas you might try for a drink

If you find yourself still looking for some place to have fun these places might do it for you. If you're looking for a place to have a drink they will definitely work.

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