Top Clinton Scandal Sites

There is the official Clinton sites tour that takes you to Hope, Hot Springs, the Capitol, the Governor's mansion. . . the nice places of Clinton's life. There is another side of Clinton's Little Rock. These are the sites of his scandals, from Paula Jones to Whitewater. Is this in poor taste? Maybe! However, it's meant in good fun so loosen up and visit the places Clinton really made famous.
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    Monica Lewinsky meets with President Clinton
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    This hotel was once the Excelsior (and then the Peabody).  The Excelsior is the place where Bill Clinton allegedly exposed himself to Paula Jones in 1991 when she was working for the state. It is located in downtown Little Rock (next to the Old Statehouse) at Three Statehouse Plaza, 501-906-4000. 
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    The Federal Courthouse

    The federal courthouse in Little Rock was where James and Susan McDougal were tried and convicted of fraud. It is also where the Whitewater Grand Jury sat in 1994-1998. The court house is located at 1401 West Capitol Avenue.
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    The Camelot (now the Doubletree)

    Another hotel? Sure! That's where most of the action happened in Little Rock. This is the hotel where Jane Doe Number 5 (Juanita Broaddrick) alleged that she was raped by Bill Clinton. However, there was some debate as to whether or not the sex was consensual. It's located on 424 West Markham ind downtown Little Rock.

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    This is the famous law firm that Hillary Clinton once worked at with Webb Hubbell. You can't go inside the law firm without an appointment and I doubt "Clinton Tour" is a good excuse. It is located at 120 East Fourth Street.
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    Clinton allegedly told Gennifer Flowers to deny their 12-year relationship from the Governor's Mansion. According to a version of the story that Hillary Clinton allegedly told two close friends, she was standing right next to Bill when he talked to Flowers on a phone extension in the kitchen of the mansion. The mansion is located at 1800 Center St in Little Rock.
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    This restaurant sat atop the Quapaw Towers.  Gennifer Flowers lived in the Towers during time time she claims she was dating Bill.  The bar on top was where Clinton allegedly propositioned Elizabeth Ward Gracen (former Miss Arkansas) in the fall of 1983. This used to be a club where local politicians would gather. Located at 709 E. Ninth St.

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    Nothing terribly bad happened at Juanita's, but during one impromptu interview in the middle of the scandal, Clinton was wearing a Juanita's shirt. Am I stretching it here? Clinton did frequent Juanita's. It's a great place to hear local music and eat Mexican food. It was located at 1300 South Main in, you guessed it, downtown Little Rock.  They've moved now to 614 President Clinton Ave, and Oxford American Magazine is in their old location.  I recommend checking out their new location and at least eating like a scandalous president.
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    Country Club of Little Rock

    Clinton used to play golf here, and yet another scandal followed him. This one had nothing to do with sex or money. It was about race. It was brought to the media's attention that the Country Club didn't have any African-American members at the time, yet Clinton still played there. Clinton left the Club soon after that scandal erupted. It's located at 4200 Country Club Blvd. It's a private club so you can't go play a few rounds. He played at the Rebsamen Golf Course too (3400 Rebsamen Park Rd) if you really want to play in his footsteps.