Historic Tremont Neighborhood in Cleveland

Cleveland Sign in Tremont

Erik Drost/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Tremont, located just south of downtown Cleveland, is one of the city's oldest and most historic neighborhoods. The area is centered around Lincoln Park, a large green area lined with historic churches, trendy restaurants, and restored Victorian homes.

Once the site of short-lived Cleveland University, the streets still reflect the past with names like "Literary," "Professor," and "University."

Tremont History

The neighborhood that would become Tremont was first incorporated in 1836 as a part of prosperous Ohio City. It was later annexed by Cleveland in 1867.

The construction of a bridge connecting Tremont and downtown in the late 19th century brought an influx of new residents, mostly Eastern European immigrants to the area. Their influence can be seen in the varied churches around Lincoln Park and in the neighborhood's architecture.

Tremont Demographics

As of the 2010 census, Tremont was home to 6,912 residents, down considerably from the 36,000 who lived there during the neighborhood's heyday in the 1920s (and down about 15 percent from the 2000 census). There are approximately 4,600 housing units in Tremont, the majority of which are single and two-family homes. Property values vary widely, with about half valued at under $100,000 and half above.

Shopping in Tremont

Tremont abounds with art galleries and artists' studios, most of which are located along Professor and Kenilworth Avenues. Among the best of these are:

  • Asterisk
  • Atmosphere Gallery
  • Banyan Tree
  • Brandt Gallery
  • Eikona Gallery
  • Inside Outside Gallery
  • Pavanna Gallery

Tremont Restaurants

Tremont is known for its numerous and varied restaurants. Among the highlights are:

  • Parallax: This sophisticated eatery on W. 11th serves excellent sushi and contemporary American cuisine.
  • Fahrenheit: On Literary, this is one of the area's (and indeed the City's) most popular restaurants.
  • Sokolowski's University Inn: Open for lunches and Friday dinners, this authentic Polish restaurant is a neighborhood favorite.

Tremont Parks

Tremont's heart is Lincoln Park, bounded by W. 11th St and Starkweather. The park, named when President Lincoln brought the Union Troops to the area during the Civil War, was originally part​ of the area's short-lived Cleveland University.

Today, Lincoln Park is home to the neighborhood swimming pool, a generous number of park benches, and a picturesque gazebo. It is also the site of monthly free summer concerts, held the 2nd Friday of each month.

Tremont Churches

Tremont boasts the largest concentration of historic churches of any neighborhood in America. Many of these edifices reflect the ethnic culture of the area's late 19th and early 20th century immigrants. Particularly notable are:

  • Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption: Located on W. 14th St. and built in 1912.
  • St. Augustine's Catholic Church: Opened in 1870, this church on W. 14th is an excellent example of Victorian architecture.
  • St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church: Built in 1911, this church is noted for its distinctive onion-shaped domes.
  • Zion United Church of Christ: Built in 1885, this church is noted for its 175-foot steeple and its community outreach program.
  • St. John Cantius: Built in 1925, this Catholic church is the heart of the area's Polish community.

Events in Tremont

Tremont hosts a number of events throughout the year. Particularly worthwhile are the monthly art walks, held the 2nd Friday of each month. Other highlights include the "Taste of Tremont" festival, held each July and the Tremont Art and Cultural Festival, held each September. The churches also host interesting events, such as the Church of the Assumption's Greek Festival, held each Memorial Day weekend and St. John Cantius' Polish Festival, held each Labor Day weekend.

Tremont Trivia

  • Tremont is named after Tremont Elementary School, which opened in 1910. Prior to that, the neighborhood was called "University Heights" and "Lincoln Heights."
  • Scenes from the 1970s classic film The Deer Hunter, with Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep, were filmed at Tremont's Lemko Hall and St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church.