Things to Do in Cleveland on St Patrick's Day

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    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland

    In Cleveland, everyone is Irish -- at least for St Patrick's Day. The Cleveland St Patrick's Day parade, which began in 1867, is the oldest in the state and one of the oldest in the country. What's more: there's plenty of green beer, corned beef, shamrocks, and fun to last from dawn to well past dusk.


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    Watch (or March in) the Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade

    ••• St. Patrick's Day Parade. (© Craig Hatfield; CC License)
    Cleveland has been celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a downtown parade since 1867. It's the largest parade in Ohio and one of the largest in the country. This year, more than 10,000 people will participate by marching, riding on floats, throwing candy to the crowd, and just adding to the merriment. The parade steps off at 104pm on March 17.
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    Have a Green Beer and Breakfast

    ••• (© R. Ellis)

    The festivities start early on St. Patrick's Day in downtown Cleveland. Flannery's Pub at Prospect and E. 4th St opens at dawn for breakfast and a pint with a live remote with one of the local radio stations.

    Just around the corner on E 4th St., Pickwick and Frolic generally hosts a morning party, also with a live radio remote.

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    Raise a Few Pints at a Downtown Cleveland Pub

    Flannery's Pub, Cleveland Ohio
    ••• Flannery's Pub. (© 2007 S. Mitchell; Licensed to About, Inc.)

    The St Patrick's Day party continues all day at a number of downtown pubs and restaurants. Moriarty's, a storefront Irish pub on E 6th St, pours a perfect pint of Guinness in a cozy space. Flannery's on Prospect continues the party with two bands, and the Flat Iron Cafe, on the east side of the Flats, is known for its no-nonsense, yet tasty meals and Irish beer.


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    Have a St. Patrick's Day Ale at an East Side Cleveland Pub

    ••• (© Flickr user: jumbledpile/cc license)

    Cleveland's east side may not seem Irish to you, but don't be fooled. The eastern suburbs have their Irish pubs, also. One of the best is Parnell's Pub on Cedar Road at Lee. They offer affordable brews in a cozy atmosphere, and live music too.

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    Mingle at a West Side Cleveland Pub on St. Patrick's Day

    ••• (Usaf 1832/WikiCommons)

    Cleveland's west side, home to the majority of the city's Irish descendants, has no shortage of pubs in which to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Try The Harp, just off the shoreway at 44th and Detroit. If the weather's nice, you can drink your pint with a view of downtown on the roof-top patio. Further west, Lakewood's Madison Avenue is lined with Irish pubs, such as McGinty's Pub.

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    Dine on Corned Beef and Cabbage

    corned beef sandwich, Slymans Restaurant, Cleveland Ohio
    ••• corned beef sandwich, Slymans Restaurant. (courtesy of Slyman's)

    No St. Patrick's Day celebration would be complete without corned beef and Cleveland serves some of the best. Try Slyman's Restaurant on E 31st St and St. Clair. They start at 6am with corned beef and eggs and move right into Reubens and stacked high corned beef sandwiches for lunch.

    Just off of the parade route, try Otto Moser's on Euclid Avenue at Playhouse Square. They've been serving great deli sandwiches with homemade potato salad and giant dill pickles for almost a century.

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    Head Out of Cleveland

    ••• (© elessar/cc license)

    Why not make St. Patrick's Day an excuse to get away for a few days? Dublin (Ohio), a suburb of Columbus, is just a two-hour drive away, and hosts one of the largest St. Patrick's Day celebrations around. This year's festivities span two days and include a Friday morning parade, a pancake breakfast, a children's tent with storytellers and crafts, nine different Irish bands, and lots of Irish food, Irish beer, and Irish fun!

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    Listen to Irish Music All Day Long

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    Hear live Irish music, from classic Celtic tunes to contemporary Irish rock, on John Carroll's WJCU (88.7 FM) radio. Uncle Fred, host of the station's "Visiting the Folks" program, will spin the tunes from 730am until midnight, March 17. Dedications are encouraged and taken on the same day by calling the station. Out-of-towners can listen in via the live web broadcast at

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    Enjoy St. Patrick's Day in Akron

    ••• (courtesy of the Dublin Irish Fest)

    Akron has its share of St. Patrick's Day fun, too. Events include parades, Irish Music, the annual St. Pet's Day benefit, and more.

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    Go Shopping--Irish Style

    Irish Cottage
    ••• Irish Cottage. (© 2006 S. Mitchell; Licensed to About, Inc.)

    If you're looking for some Irish music, Irish food for a St Patrick's Day celebration at home, or perhaps some Celtic jewelry to give that special lad or lassie, try some Irish shopping at Gaelic Imports on Pearl Road, just south of I-480.