Cleveland Public Swimming Pools

Cleveland swimming pool

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Cleveland has a score of outdoor swimming pools and nearly as many indoor pools -- all offered free to city of Cleveland residents. Most outdoor pools are open from mid-May through Labor Day and many offer free swimming lessons. For more information, see the Cleveland Parks and Recreation Department website. Pools are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Alta House Recreation Center, 12510 Mayfield Rd. -- Indoor pool
  • Alexander Hamilton Recreation Center, 13200 Kinsman Rd. -- Indoor pool with sundeck
  • Camp Forbes, 25440 Harvard Rd. -- Outdoor pool
  • Central Recreation Center, 2625 Central Ave. -- Indoor pool
  • Clark Recreation Center, 5706 -- Indoor pool
  • Cory Recreation Center, 10510 Drexel Ave. -- Indoor pool
  • Cudell Recreation Center, 1910 West Blvd. -- Indoor pool with sundeck
  • Duggan Park, Catalpa Rd., north of Euclid Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • Erle B. Turner Recreation Center, 11300 Miles Rd. -- indoor pool
  • Estabrook Recreation Center, 4125 Fulton Rd. -- Indoor pool with sundeck and waterslide
  • Fairfax Recreation Center, 2335 E. 82nd St. -- Indoor pool with sundeck and spray basin
  • Forest Hills Park, Thornhill Rd., south of Arlington -- Outdoor pool
  • Gassaway Pool, E. 100th, North of Quebec Ave.
  • Glendale Park, E. 149th St., north of Harvard -- Outdoor pool
  • Glenview Park, Dupont Ave. and E. 109th St. -- Outdoor pool
  • Glenville Recreation Center, 680 E. 113th St. -- Indoor pool
  • Greenwood Park, W. 38th St., south of Lorain -- Outdoor pool
  • Grovewood Pool, E. 164th St. and Grovewood Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • Gunning Recreation Center, 16750 Puritas Ave. -- Indoor pool
  • Halloran Park, 3550 W. 117th St. -- Outdoor pool
  • Impett Park, W. 155th St. and Montrose Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • James Bell Pool, E. 71st St. and Central -- Outdoor pool
  • J. F. Kennedy Recreation Center, 17300 Harvard Ave. -- Indoor pool
  • Kerruish Park, E. 170th and Tarkington Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • Kovacic Recreation Center, 6250 St. Clair Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • Lake Park, W. 85th St., North of Detroit Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • League Park, E. 66th St. and Lexington -- Outdoor pool
  • Lincoln Park, W. 14th St. and Starkweather Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • Loew Park, W. 29th St. and Oakpark -- Outdoor pool
  • Lonnie Burton recreation Center, 2511 E. 46th St. -- Indoor and Outdoor pools
  • Luke Easter Park, MLK Jr. Blvd. and Ramona Ave. -- Outdoor pool with waterslide
  • Mark Tromba Park, Mandalay and Rudyard Aves. -- Outdoor pool
  • Meyer Pool, W. 30th and Meyer Ave. -- Outdoor pool
  • Neff Park, E. 193rd St. and Bella -- Outdoor pool
  • Stella Walsh Recreation Center, 7345 Broadway Ave. -- Indoor pool
  • Sterling Recreation Center, 1380 E. 32nd St. -- Indoor pool with sundeck
  • Sunrise Pool, 3521 W. 95th St. -- outdoor pool
  • Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center, 8611 Hough Ave. -- Indoor pool with sundeck
  • Warsaw Park, E. 64th St., North of Harvard -- Outdoor pool
  • Woodland Recreation Center, 9206 Woodland Ave. -- Indoor pool
  • Zelma Watson George Recreation Center, 3155 MLK Jr. Blvd - Outdoor pool
  • Zone Recreation Center, 6301 Lorain Ave. -- Indoor pool
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