Cleveland Area Clambakes: Restaurants and Events

Baked oyster and clam bake

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One of fall's special treats in Northeast Ohio is the proliferation of clambakes—at restaurants, at special events, and at friends homes. An Ohio clambake is a little different than a typical New England clambake. In Ohio, you take everything and steam it together in one big pot. Also, in Ohio, the clams are not local; they're shipped in from the east coast. The steamy Ohio mixture usually includes clams, perhaps a half-chicken, ears of corn, and white or sweet potatoes. Serve this hearty dish with fresh rolls slathered with butter and a side of creamy coleslaw, and you'll have a typical area clambake. If you're in northern Ohio, here are some places you might find a good clambake to warm you up in the chilly fall weather.

Food Stores

Order your clambake per person with a range of ingredients. Pick it up cooked, or steam it yourself at home.

  • Brennan's Catering: The ready-to-serve clambake includes littleneck clams, baked chicken, choice of potatoes, corn on the cob, choice of salad, rolls and butter, clam broth, and place setting.
  • Euclid Fish: This grocer offers a variety of clambake specials as well as recipes and fun facts on their website. You can even shop online.
  • Farmhouse Foods: You can select from fresh topneck, littleneck, or cherrystone clams with snow crab, king crab, lobster, steak, or chicken. Available for catering or pick up.
  • Hall's Quality Meat Market: This market sells a complete clambake with clams, chicken, rolls, butter, and yams. You can even rent clam steamers.
  • Lobster Bros Seafood: You can purchase your clambake a la carte or as a whole bake. They feature cold water middleneck clams shipped in daily from Rhode Island.


Since clambakes are seasonal, restaurants feature their particular take on the Cleveland clambake each fall.

  • Don's Lighthouse: Menus vary from year to year, but past options have included a lobster bake for $43 and a clambake (with 1/2 roasted chicken) for $30 per person.
  • Pickle Bill's: Year-round you can look for steamed clams on the menu as well as a host of seafood specialties. Clambake offerings are seasonal.
  • Tick-Tock Tavern: They offer a seasonal clambake, including chicken, clams, mussels, corn, chowder, sweet potato, and coleslaw or salad.
  • Debonne Vineyards: They usually offer a steak or clambake, including clams or steak, 1/2 chicken, clam chowder, sweet potatoes, red skins, salads, and corn.
  • Winking Lizard: They offer a Clambake Weekend event.
  • Mavis Winkles Irish Pub: The pub chain offers a seasonal clambake, which usually includes 1/2 chicken, clams, corn, sweet potato, cinnamon butter, and broth.


As fall approaches, clambake events pop up as fun events to attend and charity fundraisers. Recently, the Ohio Wine Producers Association threw a clambake in Madison, Ohio at Grand River Cellars. The bake included 1 dozen clams, 1/2 chicken, sweet potatoes, coleslaw, corn, chowder, and a dinner roll. 

At Put-In-Bay, the volunteer fire department hosts an annual fundraiser clambake in September. Tickets are $25 and can be ordered in advance. The clambake includes a dozen clams, 1/2 BBQ chicken, potato, corn, vegetables, and fresh fruit. Proceeds are used to purchased equipment for the Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department.

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