Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Patio Restaurants

Little Italy in Cleveland.
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Outdoor dining is one of Cleveland's summer pleasures. Although the season can be short, the city abounds with patios, decks, and other "al fresco" dining areas. Take a look at our top picks for outdoor Cleveland dining. Do you have a favorite? 

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    The many outdoor patios lining Shaker Square are an ideal place to while away the hours with a newspaper or your laptop as you watch the rapid trains and shoppers crossing the square. Yours Truly offers one of the best. The hearty food -- burgers, sandwiches, breakfast, and entree specials -- is delicious and the service is fresh-faced and efficient.

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    What's better than a traditional Irish pub with a rooftop patio and views of downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie? That's what offered at The Harp, on Cleveland's near west side. The brews are local and Irish, the food's hearty and tasty, and the views are some of the best in Cleveland. The large patio is an ideal place to watch the 4th of July fireworks over the lake but arrive early.

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    Want to enjoy Lockkeeper's superb cuisine and comprehensive wine list without the formal setting? Try the restaurant's relaxed patio, which wraps around the south and west sides of the building, overlooking the Cuyahoga River. The menu is the same, but the feel is more relaxed. Avoid Wednesday nights, however, when nearby Rockside Road roars with motorcycles heading for a nearby "bike" night.

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    Snicker's Restaurant

    Arguably, the most romantic patio in the city, this near west-side restaurant moved to a new location near Gordan Square this year and the patio is a lot bigger ​but no less charming. Enjoy quiet, secluded tables for two amidst the plants and piped-in music. Snickers' food features salads, grilled items, pasta dishes, and fresh fish.