Clara James

Clara James is a writer who has travelled widely, but she is delighted to make her home in St. Paul.


Clara James is a researcher and writer and is particularly interested in history, art, fashion, economics and environmental issues. She's a fan of the history and culture of the Twin Cities, and is an avid supporter of the many wonderful local businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. She spends much of her time exploring the Twin Cities with her young son, and making new discoveries to write about.

Clara James

I've been a visitor to Minneapolis and St. Paul for many years, and now I'm happy to be a permanent resident with my son. I love the community and small town feel of the Twin Cities, and the attractions and amenities of the big city. My favorite past time is to go exploring in a new part of the Twin Cities, and maybe stumble across a new coffee shop, an interesting gallery, a beautiful old building or a local celebration. I'd like to invite you to share my finds!

You can also read more about Clara's current and past work on her Google Profile: Clara James.

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