Where to Vote for City of Phoenix Elections

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For Phoenix, Arizona elections, voters no longer are required to vote at a designated polling place in the precinct where the voter lives. Any City of Phoenix registered voter can use any one of the voting centers to cast a ballot.

Voting Locations

You may cast your vote for Phoenix elections at a voting center Saturday and Monday prior to the Election Day, as well as on that Tuesday Election day. That means that there are three days for people who did not receive early ballots to cast a vote at one of the City voting centers, not just one day as was the case in the past.

It also means that you can select a voting center that is close to work, school or wherever you may be within the city which might be much more convenient than having to be near your home to cast your ballot.

Voting center locations of change every election, so don't assume that a list you printed out for a past election will be accurate for any current election.

City of Pheonix Voting Rules Only

This way of voting is only for elections conducted by the City of Phoenix. It does not apply to federal, state or county elections, or to any elections in other surrounding cities and towns in the metro are.

Early Voting Procedures

Voters who are not on the permanent early voting list can also vote by mail by requesting an early ballot from the City of Phoenix. Voters can request an early ballot or check their early ballot status online or by contacting City of Phoenix Elections at 602-261-8683 (VOTE)​.

For questions about voting centers, dates for elections, early ballots and voting procedures visit City of Phoenix Elections online or you may call 602-262-6837.

Locations are subject to change without notice.

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