City Compost in Montreal

Getting a Pile of Organic Rot, Free of Charge

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Twice a year, Montreal residents are given access to a heap of city compost free of charge at the St. Michel Environmental Complex. Said complex is located in "circus city" or La Tohu, near Cirque du Soleil's international headquarters.

St. Michel Environmental Complex

First it was a quarry, then a landfill (the largest urban landfill in North America according to La TOHU). And today, the St. Michel Environmental Complex handles the city of Montreal's recyclables. The complex is also responsible for producing about 1,600 tonnes of "city" compost every year from mostly dead leaves and discarded Christmas trees.

Free City Compost Offered Twice a Year

Free city compost is offered to the public usually in the spring, on the second week of May during Mother's Day weekend, and then again in autumn either on the first or second weekend of October, depending on when Canadian Thanksgiving weekend falls. But free compost is also available outside the St. Michel Environmental Complex.

Only for Montreal Residents

The complex requires Montrealers bring proof of residence (a phone bill or lease with your name and address clearly indicated on it will do), a bucket and a shovel for access to the heap.

For details on the next free city compost weekend, call the St. Michel Environmental Complex. And to find out when and where else free compost is being distributed in Montreal, consult the city of Montreal website.

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