Saving Money with City Cards in Norway

Oslo and Bergen City cards quickly pay for themselves

City Cards in Norway are an excellent travel tip and a great value for travelers. The Oslo and Bergen city cards are available in different lengths and pay for themselves quickly with free admission on most sights and attractions, free parking, free public transportation, and much more. Here are the details of the city card programs in Oslo and Bergen.

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"The Oslo Pass" - The City Card for Oslo, Norway

The Oslo Opera House in Norway
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The city card in Norway's capital is called the Oslo Pass. This travel discount card gives you free admission to more than 30 museums and attractions in Oslo, free public transportation and ferry, free parking, swimming pool access, and lots of other visitor discounts on sights, dining, and shopping. Even a free lunch cruise tour is included!

The Oslo Pass is a city card that is offered to travelers in three lengths: 24, 48, and 72 hours from the time you first use it. There are discounted cards available for children. This Oslo city card is a great value and pays for itself very quickly. An informative booklet on all discounted sights and services is included.

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"The Bergen Card" - The City Card for Bergen, Norway

Belsen, Norway
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Want to save money in Bergen? Get the city card. Like other city cards, the Bergen Card grants you free admission to attractions and sights in the city, along with free public transportation and parking. Here, the city card also gives you access to cultural events, sightseeing trips, and additional savings in local restaurants and shops!

The Bergen Card is available in 1 and 2-day durations. Make sure to take a look at the Bergen Card Handbook that comes with the city card - it lists all the free and discounted destinations for you. Even cheaper than Oslo's city card, and children pay less than half of the adult price!

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