Cities With Dirty Names

Bet you can't say these places' names with a straight face

If there's one thing I've had to learn while traveling, it's that almost nothing is ruder than laughing at something you don't understand, be it a cultural custom, the local manner of eating, or bizarre fashion trends. Most travelers have bitten their tongue on more than one occasion to avoid coming off as insensitive!

When it comes to cities with names that are obscene (at least in English) the following ones are hard to beat. Could you keep a straight face in these places?

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    Long Dong, China

    Chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons

    This list starts off with a city in a country whose native language isn't English, which is to say where the profanity is completely inadvertent. (As it often the case in China, where mistranslations frequently lead to obscenities in otherwise benign situations, such as at restaurants or on children's clothing.) 

    The ironic thing about Long Dong, a city located in central China's Hunan province, is that is Chinese name roughly translates to "cave" which, when seen through even a mildly dirty lens, suggests a different gender altogether than a dong, long or otherwise, but quite dirty nonetheless. Some truths are universal!

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    Whiskey Dick Mountain, Washington

    Whiskey Dick Mountain
    Anna W. Jacobs via Wikimedia Commons

    Direct your attention to the United States. Now, this would seem to eliminate the possibility that a name like "Whiskey Dick Mountain" could be lost in any sort of translation. In this case, it's probably that the people who lived during the time when Whiskey Dick Mountain got its name were less dirty-mind than us.

    Regardless of the origin of its name, Whiskey Dick Mountain is home to some of the most beautiful wildflower pastures in Washington state, as well as a large wind farm. The dirty name of this town will be the farthest thing from your mind as you explore everything it has to offer! One would wager you could have some whiskey during your visit as well!

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    Three Cocks, Wales

    Three Cocks (via Creative Commons Image Search)

    The question of the native language of Wales depends upon whether you ask a Welshman or an Englishman, but the name "Three Cocks" (Aberllynfi in Welsh) is probably just as obscene to a Celt as to an Anglo-Saxon. 

    Photo tip: Find a male chicken and pose with him for the ultimate literal travel picture. Even better – find three of them!

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    Sexmoan, Philippines

    Sexmoan via Creative Commons Search

    Technically the city of Sexmoan, located in the Philippines' Pampanga province, isn't called that anymore. Since early 1991, it's been called Sasmaun, which more closely corresponds to how the name is actually supposed to be pronounced in the Filipino Tagalog language. Being that English is so widely spoken in the Philippines, locals  may have become embarrassed or even ashamed due to this name.

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    Beaverlick, Kentucky

    Jonathan Goforth via Getty 

    The last item on this list (for now) has perhaps the most literal reason for its somewhat obscene name: Beaverlick, Kentucky was an important fur trading post in the late 18th century.

    These days it's simply an unincorporated part of the state's Boone Country, located near the Ohio River, where you can likely see lots of beavers licking to their hearts' content. If you're lucky, you might even see the beavers at their dam – the Beaverlick Dam(n), most likely, which is actually two curses in one. 

    The good news is that since beavers aren't commercially trapped for their furs anymore, those who still live here are sure to be happy, whether they're licking their lips after having enjoyed a fresh meal, or simply for being alive.

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