Cities in Spain to Learn Spanish

Which Cities in Spain are Good for Practicing Your Spanish

If you plan on spending a long time in Spain to learn Spanish, you're going to have to think carefully about where you're going to do it.

On this page you can read about the pros and cons of learning Spanish in some of Spain's biggest cities. Click on the links for more details of learning Spanish here, as well as details of Spanish language schools in each city.

It's a difficult choice. One solution is to learn in several cities! A large school group that has branches in several cities can usually accommodate a traveling student who wants to spend a few weeks in a couple of different cities. I know of at least one school group, Don Quijote, that is willing to accommodate students in this way. They have schools in twelve locations in Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Check out their Learning Spanish in Spain Catalogue or read more about the Don Quijote Spanish Schools.