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Editor's Note: It was recently announced that the number of visitors to Cinque Terre will be limited. There are currently no plans to implement this restriction in 2016. A new procedure for entry tickets may be put in place in the future but as of now, the system has not been finalized. This article will be updated with ticket information as soon as it is available.

The Cinque Terre are five picturesque villages on the west coast of Italy that are connected by a series of popular walking paths and hiking trails. Because the villages are in a national park, visitors need to buy a card to use the paths. Passes are also good for visiting several of the museums and riding the eco-friendly buses. There are currently 2 different types of cards available.

If you plan only to visit a village but not use any of the connecting paths, you do not need a card. Villages are connected by train or boat and there is a car parking area outside of Riomaggiore. Also when hiking trails connecting the villages (blue number 2 trails) are closed, as is often the case in winter and early spring due to flood damage, cards are not required - ask at the information point.

Hiking in Cinque Terre
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What's Included With the Cinque Terre Trekking Card (Carta Parco)

  • Use of all pedestrian paths, hiking trails, nature observation points, and picnic areas in the park, except those that may be closed for maintenance. Free map from park offices.
  • Free access to events put on by the National Park including guided hikes and workshops.
  • Free use of pay restrooms
  • Use of public lifts and environmentally-friendly buses that run from each village to points above it.
  • Free wifi connection at hot spots in the park.
  • Discounts to 7 Civic museums in La Spezia..

What's Included With the Cinque Terre Train Multi-Service Card

  • All items that are included in the Trekking Card.
  • Unlimited free use of regional trains from La Spezia to Levanto, including all 5 of the Cinque Terre stations (but not the fast trains that require a supplement).

Where to Buy a Cinque Terre Card

  • Information Center by the train station in each of the five villages.
  • Information Center at La Spezia Train Station
  • Piazza Garibaldi in Monterosso
  • Information Center in the Lavaccio parking area by Riomaggiore

Cinque Terre Card Prices

These prices are approximations; check the web site for updated prices and complete list of options. Here are some of the cards available:

  • One Day Carta Parco: 7.50 euro adult, 4.50 for under age 18, 6 for over age 70
  • Two Day Carta Parco: 14.50 euro adult, 7.20 for under age 18, 10 for over age 70
  • One Day Multi-Service Card: 12 euro adult, 7.30 for under age 18, 9.70 for over age 70
  • Two Day Multi-Service Card: 23 euro for adults
  • Family Cards: 19.60 euro for 1 day Carta Parco or 31.50 euro for 1 day Multi-Service Card or 2 day Carta Parco (2 adults and 2 under age 18)
  • One Day Group Carta Parco: 120 euro for up to 25 people

Important: As soon as you buy your card, write your name and nationality on the card and carry it with you while you're in the Cinque Terre. If you have a card that includes trains, be sure to validate the card in the machine at the station before getting on the train. The card is then valid until midnight of that day.

Cinque Terre Travel

While staying in Cinque Terre, take advantage of guided walking tours and boat trips as well as its proximity to Rome.

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