Cinema Ride at Caesars Palace CLOSED

Xscream at Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas
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Cinema Ride at Caesars Palace- CLOSED

The Cinema ride at Caesars Palace is no longer in operation so you will no longer be able to get that great feeling of motion sickness in a mall in Las Vegas. It has been closed for awhile but people will still ask about it on occasion. Not to worry if you are trying to entertain your kids, Las Vegas is filled with plenty of fun activities. If heart pumping, adrenaline filled options are what you seek the Stratosphere Tower has exactly what you need. You can jump on X-Scream that sends you off the edge of the Stratosphere Tower and forces you to consider what a plunge off the top would feel like. Insanity spins you around at high speed as you look down to the Las Vegas strip below and Big Shot shoots you straight up and above the tower.

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Location: Caesars Palace 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-369-4008

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3-D simulators that make your stomach go crazy and take you on journeys to far off lands.

This ride inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace was a 3D virtual reality attraction when this technology was in its infancy. These days you can probably recreate the experience with a smartphone and a clever cardboard contraption called Google Cardboard. Nonetheless, it had plenty of fans on any given day you could see a small line of people waiting to get their ride through some flashback into Roman Times on a futuristic transportation that shook your seat and dazzled you with pretty colors and loud music.

This was when Las Vegas was attempting to corner the family travel demographic. While some of these rides still exist you can now find attractions that may be kid friendly but are rarely designed specifically for kids. 

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