Boston's Top 5 Cigar Bars and Shops

An old weathered billboard in downtown Boston, large white letters painted on a brick wall.
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Boston might enforce a smoking ban in public spaces, but there are still a few places that allow you to enjoy a cigar or hookah (water-filtered smoking pipe) indoors—or at the very least invite you to smoke a hookah for a price in their outdoor space.

Located all over the city, these top five spots offer a unique blend of tobacco options and intriguing ambiance, perfect for the cigar aficionado.

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    Stanza dei Sigari
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    Originally housing a 1920s speakeasy, Stanza dei Sigari makes an ideal spot to light up.

    The underground cigar parlor and bar, directly beneath La Vittoria in the historic North End, is one of the last remaining places in the city that still allows on-site smoking. The low ceilings and dark décor add to the place's charm, but it is the variety of premium cigars and hookah flavors served alongside cocktails and cognacs that make this a must-visit place for connoisseurs.

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    L. J. Peretti
    L. J. Peretti

    Established in 1870 by Libero Joseph Peretti, L. J. Peretti has been serving Boston smoking aficionados for nearly 150 years. The store has been at its current Park Square location—across the street from Boston Common—for 76 years. The cigar shop sells more than 80 pipe tobaccos, many that are house blends created by Libero's grandson, Robert. Though the store is well known for its pipe tobaccos, it carries a diverse range of premium cigars as well, which you are welcome to try in the shop.

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    This Charlestown smoking lounge and bar combines the best of both worlds by offering two separate spaces for hookah and cigar smoking.

    Nestled beneath the popular Moroccan-fusion restaurant, Tamgierino, Koullshi provides an atmosphere that is truly one-of-a-kind. Cigar-lovers will appreciate the walk-in humidor stocked with a selection of premium and ultra-premium cigars, while those who prefer hookah smoking can choose from an extensive menu of flavors.

    To add to the ambiance, belly dancers perform nightly and tarot card readings are available.

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    Sheesha, Boston

    Located in Allston, Sheesha Lounge creates a laid-back setting to puff sheesha (another way of saying a hookah) in peace. The lounge offers award-winning tobacco blends that combine flavors from both the East and the West. Guests are invited to gather with friends over a hookah, sip a cup of French-press coffee, play card games, or enjoy a movie night. The lounge also sells hookah and tobacco blends for home use. 

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    Leavitt & Peirce, Boston
    Leavitt & Peirce

    Since 1883, Leavitt & Peirce has been selling tobacco products alongside gentlemanly necessities and curios from shaving accessories to traditional games. The Harvard Square shop has seen many famous people grace its doorstep, including John F. Kennedy, Jr., who was reportedly a regular during his college days. Located directly across the street from old Harvard Yard in Cambridge, the store no longer allows smoking on-site. Despite this change, it is worth a visit for top-notch cigars or pipe tobaccos, as well as its impressive collection of university memorabilia.