Christmas Tree Shops

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    Bargain Hunting at New England Christmas Tree Shops

    Christmas Tree Shops Hyannis Store
    ••• The Christmas Tree Shops store in Hyannis, Massachusetts, is a popular stop for Cape Cod vacationers. It's located on Route 132 at the Christmas Tree Promenade. © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    If you're familiar with Christmas Tree Shops, a discount chain founded in New England in 1970, then you won't be stunned by the deals you'll find when you step inside one of these festive stores. If you're unfamiliar with Christmas Tree Shops, however, you're in for a true treat when you discover one of these bargain emporiums during your New England travels.

    Although the chain was acquired by Bed, Bath & Beyond in 2003 and has more than 70 store locations in 21 states as of 2017, the Christmas Tree Shops are most densely concentrated in New England (find locations below), particularly on Cape Cod, and they retain their folksy charm and inspire impulsive shopping in practically everyone who walks in the door: not just penny-pinching Yankees.

    Although the Christmas Tree Shops are particularly busy in December, when the hunt is on for bargain holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, they're actually open year-round, and they offer New England vacationers a fun place...MORE to hunt for affordable, out-of-the-ordinary souvenirs.

    What exactly will you find at a Christmas Tree Shop? The incredible variety of merchandise includes gifts, stationery, toys, paper goods, home furnishings, cookware, accessories, food, housewares, cleaning products, candles, seasonal decorations and more. Many items are priced at less than $5, and you'll be hard-pressed to find many that cost more than $20.

    Read on for tips on how to make the most of your Christmas Tree Shops visit.

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    Visiting the Christmas Tree Shop? Read These Shopping Tips

    Shopping at Christmas Tree Shops
    ••• Christmas Tree Shops are a great place to introduce kids to shopping for bargains like these $1 ear muffs. © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    Make the most of your Christmas Tree Shops outing with these shopping tips:

    1. Before you head for Christmas Tree Shops, browse the stores' online flyer to see which items are on sale. These will be some of the best deals you'll find.

    2. Even if you're only planning to shop for one or two items, take a shopping cart. It's nearly impossible to leave the Christmas Tree Shops without purchasing a few extra things.

    3. Examine all merchandise carefully. A deal is only a deal if you're satisfied with the quality of your purchase when you get home. This is particularly important if you are visiting New England on vacation and won't be able to easily return defective merchandise.

    4. If you are shopping for food items, be sure to check expiration dates.

    5. Stock up! If you spot a great deal, buy two or more.

    6. Before you visit a Christmas Tree Shops store, make a shopping list of items you're hoping to find. It will help you to stay focused if you find the array of...MORE merchandise overwhelming.

    7. While you're making your list, be sure to think about upcoming events, holidays and birthdays you might shop for. Christmas Tree Shops are a particularly good place to find affordable paper goods, invitations, party supplies and wedding favors.

    8. Don't shop alone! If you take a friend or family member, you'll have two sets of eyes for spotting bargains. On a visit to the Christmas Tree Shops in Hyannis, my husband was the one who spied $8.99 sleds, which were displayed up high.

    9. Christmas Tree Shops are also an ideal place to introduce kids to shopping. They can practice selecting quality products, spending wisely, making decisions and counting change.

    10. Allow plenty of time to browse. Some of the best deals you'll find will be completely unexpected.

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    Christmas Tree Shops: Locations in New England

    Christmas Tree Shops Red Sleigh Logo
    ••• Although it's named the Christmas Tree Shop, the chain's stores, including this one in Hyannis, are popular places to hunt for bargains year-round. Looking for a Christmas Tree Shop location? Keep an eye out for the distinctive red sleigh logo. © 2008 Kim Knox Beckius

    New England has the densest concentration of the nation's more than 70 Christmas Tree Shops. Here's your state-by-state guide to Christmas Tree Shops in New England:

    Danbury: 15 Backus Avenue, 203-791-1114
    Manchester: 120 Hale Road, 860-648-9390
    Orange: 220 Indian River Road, 203-795-0060
    Waterford: 824 Hartford Turnpike (Crystal Mall), 860-442-0066

    Augusta: 42 Whitten Road (Turnpike Mall), 207-626-5330
    Bangor: 46 Springer Drive (Christmas Tree Shops Plaza), 207-947-1553
    Scarborough: 490 Payne Road, 207-885-8885

    Avon: 15 Stockwell Drive, 508-586-6438
    Falmouth: Route 28 (Falmouth Plaza), 508-548-1414
    Foxboro: 340 Patriot Place/Route 1, 508-698-1830
    Holyoke: 50 Holyoke Street (Ingleside Mall), 413-552-0086
    Hyannis: 655 Route 132, 508-778-5521
    Lynnfield: 28-34 Broadway/Route 1, 781-598-0004
    Natick: 1298 Worcester Street/Route 9 (Sherwood Plaza), 508-655-9800
    North Attleboro: 1505 South Washington Street, 508-399-8978
    North Dartmouth: 65 Faunce Corner Mall Road,...MORE 508-996-4803
    Orleans: Routes 6A & 28, 508-255-8494
    Pembroke: 296 Old Oak Street, 781-826-8884
    Sagamore: Route 6A (look for the windmill), 508-888-7010
    Shrewsbury: 1000 Boston Turnpike (Shrewsbury Village), 508-842-5945
    Somerville: 177 Middlesex Avenue (Assembly Square Mall), 617-623-3428
    West Dennis: 425 Main Street (Christmas Crossing Plaza), 508-394-5557
    West Yarmouth: 529 Route 28 (Christmas Tree Plaza), 508-775-8151

    New Hampshire
    Nashua: 41 Gusabel Avenue (Nashua Mall), 603-889-9001
    North Conway: 1584 White Mountain Highway, 603-356-0570
    Portsmouth: 100 Durgin Lane, 603-422-8775
    Salem: 92 Cluff Crossing Road (Rockingham Mall), 603-898-0002

    Rhode Island
    Middletown: 99 East Main Road, 401-841-5100
    Warwick: 300 Quaker Lane/Route 2, 401-821-4944

    Williston: 100 Cypress Street (Maple Tree Place), 802-872-9509