Christmas Things to Do in Orange County

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    Things to Do for the Holidays in Orange County

    Father Christmas Standing in Front of Palm Trees
    ••• Santa Claus and Palm Trees. Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    In Orange County just south of Los Angeles, Christmas doesn't look wintry like one of those old-fashioned greeting cards. Yes, neighborhoods put out their holiday lights displays, but Santa is more likely to arrive on a surfboard than in a sleigh and wearing board shorts, not velvet and fur.

    The best decorations in town may be in a theme park. And that local Christmas parade? It's as likely to happen on water as it is on land. It all seems normal to Californians.

    But listening to Christmas music while driving with your windows down in warm sunshine on palm-lined streets is a novelty if you live in a colder climate. Instead of feeling disoriented and confused by it all, go to see how Californians find unique ways celebrate. And Orange County turns out to be one of the best places in the state to do that.

    This guide will take you through some of the unique Christmas traditions in Orange County, point you toward some over-the-top light displays, and send you to some fun events to enjoy.

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    Newport Beach Harbor Parade

    Boats And Yachts Take Part In The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade
    ••• Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. David McNew / Getty Images

    By far the most exciting holiday event in Orange County is the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. It's one of many California Christmas parades that take place on water instead of land. Instead of motorized floats and marching bands, you'll see yachts, boats, and even small dinghies all dressed up in holiday lights, sailing past delighted onlookers. 

    Newport Beach's harbor parade is the largest in Southern California. More than 100 watercraft participate, each of them decked out in enough lights to almost turn night to day.

    You can get all the details you need to attend and pick up some tips for your visit when you go to the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Guide.

    You can also get more Christmas holiday cheer in other parts of California. Check out what you can do near Orange County in the  Guide to Christmas in Los Angeles and Christmas in San Diego. You can also celebrate Christmas in San Francisco and find some fun things to do in other parts of the state in the guide to Christmas...MORE in the rest of California

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    Huntington Beach Cruise of Lights

    Holiday Lights in Huntington Beach
    ••• Holiday Lights in Huntington Beach. Courtesy of Visit Huntington Beach

     In Huntington Beach, the best holiday lights displays are on the multi-million-dollar homes set on humanmade islands. The neighborhood goes all out, with decorations that range from simple white lights to extravagant spectacles created by professional lighting installers. 

    Here's the catch: Those displays face the water instead of the street. The effect is magical, with each home's sparkling lights doubled by its reflection in the water. The only way to get a good look is from a boat. 

    The annual Huntington Beach Cruise of Lights gives you a chance to do just that. You can find out more about it and pick up some first-hand tips in the Huntington Beach Cruise of Lights Guide.

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    Surfing Santa Contest

    Surfing Santa in Orange County
    ••• Surfing Santa in Orange County. Courtesy of the Surfing Santa Competition

    This event happens in November, but it's Christmas all the way. Orange County surfers dress up like Santa Claus or other holiday-inspired characters to surf the waves at Salt Creek Beach near the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel.

    It's a charity event to support Surfers Healing, a group that hosts free surf camps to introduce children with autism and their families to the therapeutic benefits of surfing. 

    The Surfing Santa Competition is held every year the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

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    Christmas at Disneyland

    World of Color - Season of Light Holiday Show at California Adventure
    ••• World of Color - Season of Light Holiday Show at California Adventure. Scot Brinegar/Disneyland

    Disneyland starts celebrating Christmas as soon as Halloween is over, with holiday decorations, seasonal food treats, and a holiday parade. The Haunted Mansion takes on a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, and it's a small world also gets the holiday treatment. In fact, the Christmas season is the only time of year when you can enjoy the ride without getting that song stuck in your head.

    You can get a lot more information — and insider tips for how to enjoy the holiday season — when you check out the Guide to Disneyland at Christmas.

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    Holiday Lights and Drive Through Nativity Scenes

    Holiday Lights in Eagle Hills, Brea
    ••• Holiday Lights in Eagle Hills, Brea. Brewcyclers/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

    If you're looking for some festive holiday lighted homes in Orange County, these are your best bets:

    Balboa Island Ring of Lights

    Don't miss the bayfront "Ring of Lights" on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, where extravagant homes surrounding the harbor are lit from lawn to roof. To get there, use your favorite mapping tool to get to Balboa Island, then park your vehicle and take a walk around the waterfront on South and North Bayfront. The walk around the entire island is about a mile.

    You can also drive out on the Balboa Peninsula to the Balboa Fun Zone, where you can see the lights from across the water.

    Eagle Hills Neighborhood Lights Display

    In the town of Brea, you can see more than 100 homes with lighted displays in the Eagle Hills neighborhood around E. Lambert Road and Sunflower St. Set your GPS to 3010 Stearns Street to get close to that intersection, and from there, you can easily figure out where to go next.

    The City of Brea runs holiday lights trolley tours of Eagle Hills,...MORE but the best we can tell, they sell out ahead of time, and you can only get advance tickets in person. You can get a tour schedule at the Brea Downtown website.

    Reviewers online love the Eagle Hills lights, saying "so many lights it doesn't stop" and "year after year this neighborhood never fails to impress." You can read more of their reviews and check out some helpful tips on Yelp.

    Drive Through Nativity Scenes

    You can also enjoy several drive-through nativity scenes in Orange County, with live actors, animals and some also have a walk-through experience. You can find a list of them at So Cal Field Trips.

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    Knotts Merry Farm

    Christmas at Knotts Berry Farm
    ••• Christmas at Knotts Berry Farm. Ricky Brigante/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0​

    The rest of the year it's Knotts Berry Farm, but around the holidays they change the name to "Merry."  The lovable kid characters from the Peanuts comic strip put on a Christmas pageant and Snoopy has an ice show. You can visit with Santa Claus or shop in the Christmas Crafts Village. It even snows in Ghost Town.

    All the details for this year's fun are at the Knotts Merry Farm website.

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    Holiday Tea in Orange County

    traditional afternoon tea
    ••• Traditional Afternoon Tea. kevin miller / Getty Images

    Afternoon tea is a fun way to celebrate the holidays, and Orange County has a few fun places to enjoy it.

    The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel celebrates the season with a Holiday Tea in November and December. You can get details on their website

    In Newport Beach, the Resort at Pelican Hill serves a Yuletide Tea which is a modern twist on the time-honored tradition. Teas include contemporary blends and classic selections, served with savory and sweet small bites.

    The Disneyland Hotel also serves a holiday afternoon tea in Steakhouse 55. You can enjoy a pot of hot tea while you munch on scones, tea sandwiches, and petite sweets. Details are on their website and reservations are recommended.

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    Sawdust Art Festival Winter Fantasy

    Sawdust Festival Winter Fantasy
    ••• Sawdust Festival Winter Fantasy. Courtesy of the Sawdust Festival

    The popular summer Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach makes an encore every holiday season. On weekends in November and December, the Sawdust Art Festival Winter Fantasy showcases more than 100 artists who create, display and sell original creations. 

    There's also live holiday entertainment, outdoor cafes, art classes, a petting zoo, and— of course — a chance to visit Santa Claus.

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    Irvine Park Railroad's Christmas Train

    Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train
    ••• Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train. Courtesy of Irvine Park Railroad

    At the Irvine Park Railroad, you can take a train straight to the North Pole. Once you get there, you can visit Santa Claus and then go back to the station to see Christmas lights and decorations and a magical “Tunnel of Lights.”

    You'll find all the details, dates and prices at the Irvine Park Railroad website.