Christmas Shop in Albuquerque Old Town

Christmas in Old Town, Albuquerque.
Ken Lund / Flickr / CC BY 2.5

The Christmas Shop in Old Town offers ornaments, decorations, creches, and many other holiday items, year round, so shoppers can get a bit of a New Mexico Christmas. While it is fun to visit at holiday time, it's open all year, so cool down with a visit even in the heat of summer.


  • Christmas is Year Round in Old Town
  • Specialty Southwestern Items
  • Lighted chile ristras and luminarias


  • Watch Your Wallet!
  • Parking can be hunt and find; Use lots when busy

Christmas Shop in Albuquerque Old Town

The Christmas Shop in Albuquerque Old Town is an absolute must visit during luminaria walks on Christmas Eve. There are carolers, mariachi music and plenty of biscochitos to enjoy. It's the spirit of the season that welcomes shoppers through the doors in preparation for Christmas.

But the Christmas Shop is fun to visit any time of year. It's open year-round, so our family likes to visit every summer for a psychological cool-down. It's fun to think of Christmas in July, and in Albuquerque, there is no better place to do so.

The shop specializes in winter holiday fare, from Christmas creches to Kwanzaa lights. There are also Hanukkah decorations, and plenty of ornaments, and of course, Santa Claus.

There is also a full line of New Mexico decorations that include chile ristra lights, New Mexican decorations for the tree, and nativity scenes with a New Mexico flair. Decorations include carved wooden New Mexico adobe churches, stamped tin hand painted stars and more. 

The shop is filled with decorated tree, and each tree has a theme. Find your specialty, from birds to music, to southwestern and even balloons. There's something for everyone.

Collectors can find Christopher Radko items, Patricia Breen ornaments, Artistry of Poland ornaments, Peruvian creches, blown glass ornaments and personalized items.

The store specializes in southwestern ornaments, many crafted by New Mexico artists. Find items from Acoma and other pueblos. A personal favorite is the series of missions and churches, hand carved in wood or made of clay, in miniature of the real thing. The Mexican painted and punched tin ornaments are another personal favorite.

There are two floors to browse. The upstairs shop has trees decorated with folk art and many kinds of light strands. In Albuquerque, the red and green chile lights are a favorite, but there are plenty of traditional bulbs and variations on blinking lights as well.

Whether you want to cool down in July or warm up closer to Christmas, the fun of the Christmas Shop in Old Town is finding each nook and corner's hidden treasures.